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Look of the Day- The Heartbreaker


So I finally used my Sugar Pill Heartbreaker eye shadow palette and I am in love! The eye shadows are so smooth and they give great color. I am really loving the color Mochi from the palette. I thought it would be too pale or cool for my skin tone but its gorgeous. It’s super smooth and super pigmented, especially with the proper primer and base. I look forward to creating more looks with these colors.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Laura Mercier Oil free foundation primer
Makeup Forever Full Cover
Mac Prep and Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer
Mac Face and Body Foundation

Nars Dolce Vita Blush

Too Face Shadow Insurance
NYX Eye shadow base 1(white)
Sugar Pill Mochi
Sugar Pill Velocity
Urban Decay Deviant 24/7Eye Pencil
Makeup Forever Aqua Cream Liner
Maybelline Falsies Mascara

Nars Chihuahua Lipgloss



My New Editions- SugarPill Palettes


So I finally got my hands on some SugarPill Cosmetics! I am so happy and excited to try these out!I just wanted to share my palettes, as old as they are they’re new to me 🙂 If you’ve been reading my posts by now, you already know how I hate buying cosmetics online. So My girl got these two palettes for me at IMATS last weekend! Sugar Pill is known for their bright, bold colors. Their colors and their palettes are gorgeous! They are definitely not for the faint of hearts. When you wear these, you are begging for attention. Now that I have tried their eyeshadows I can’t wait to dive into their loose eyeshadows! It’s like crack and I’m itching!



Sugar Pill Heart Breaker Palette

Mochi is like a aqua green color with some sparkle.
2am is a purple with silver sparkle.
Acidberry is a bright lime green with a hint of yellow to it.
Velocity is a very pigmented blue.


SugarPill Burning Heart Palette

Love+ is a red color.
Poison Plum is a red based purple.
Buttercupcake is a bright yellow color.
Flamepoint is a bright Orange color.

Do you own any products from SugarPill? Do Share!

Look of the Day- Marie An Rocks

So I entered a contest on makeupbee(if you haven’t been to this site yet, as a makeup lover you must do so!). The theme is Marie Antoinette inspired which meant bright colors. So my take was a rocker Marie An. I was really skeptical of entering because all the looks are just amazing and I am like a week late posting a look. So to say the least I was a little discouraged. But one of my new years resolution was to just do it and think about it later…be more of a risk taker. So here it is! I hope you like it and if you do take a minute, click the link and vote for me…and spread the word:)
I also encourage YOU to enter too! You just never know!


Sigma Brushes


Synthetic Kabuki Kit


Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit

I have been trying to get my hands on some Sigma Brushes ever since my makeup sister Tasha was raving about them. But being someone who really despise buying things online if I haven’t tried them first, I never got anything. But I Lucked up! Sigma was at IMATS this year, actually selling things! I’ve gone the last two years and they weren’t selling anything…I’m not sure what their point was to be there but I digress. I missed IMATS this year but luckily my girl went and got me some goodies!

These brushes are so soft and full! They really are like magic. They blend to a flawless finish which I think is because the hairs are cut evenly with no strays. The hairs are perfectly symmetrical. There’s no shedding of the hairs which is something that’s important in buying makeup brushes because that ensures their longevity. Each set comes with four brushes that are pretty damn good quality. The price point for the Kabuki Kit is $56, that’s about $14 per brush;  Precision Kit is $49, about 12.25 per brush; and if you were to get all 8 brushes you’ll pay $99 for both sets that’s about $12 per brush. And if just one or two brushes spark your interest, you can buy them individually. Here’s a break down of the brushes and their uses. Keep in mind, like most brushes you can use them however you like. The precision brushes are for the face but I have used them on my eyes also and they work beautifully!

Sigma Synthetic Kabuki Kit:

Flat Kabuki (F80) Excellent for applying liquid or cream products to the face. Blends liquid and cream foundations flawlessly!

Round Kabuki (F82) Good for mineral foundation but I really like this as a blush brush; cream or powder.

Angled Kabuki (F84) Good for contouring like most angled brushes but I like it for blush or bronzer.

Tapered Kabuki (F86) Good for contouring and highlighting the face.

Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit:

Precision Flat (P80) I Love this brush to apply concealer under the eyes.

Precision Round (P82) Good to apply eye shadow base or primer onto the lid. Also good for blending eyeshadow.

Precision Angled (P84) Also used to apply product to the eyes and to areas such as the sides of the nose and the hollows of the cheeks.

Precision Tapered (P86) Good for exact placement of concealer in harder to reach areas such as around the eyes and nose, chin, and around the mouth.

I feel I will get a lot of usage out of these brushes and now that I have tried Sigma I don’t feel skeptical about buying more online! I will definitely be trying more of Sigma Brushes!

Final Grade A

Do you have any brushes from Sigma? Do share your experiences!

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent


In my daily search on IMDB of what’s to come in the movie-sphere I came across this picture. Oh Yes, the lovely Angelina Jolie is playing the bad ass Maleficent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Angelina Jolie gets a lot of shit because of the whole Jennifer Aniston stuff and people think she’s phony but I think she’s great. I met her once when I was working in Post Production and she was super nice. She wasn’t stuck up, crabby or a diva. And that really made me love her more. I hate STUCK UP divas!But I digress.

I love Angelina and Maleficent is hands down my favorite Disney Villain so this sparked my interest in a major way. She’s so bad ass and just evil! I mean you’d have to be to put a curse and want to kill a baby, right? SO I was excited to see and hear this news. And this picture is amazing! She’s beautiful. I can’t wait to see more looks of the makeup! The movie is like an origins story, told from her perspective, showing her transformation to the Maleficent we love to hate. The movie is scheduled to be released in 2014, so we have to have a while to see what they come up with. I hope it’s good!

What do you think about this? Who’s your favorite villain?

RMS Beauty Samples from Spirit Beauty Lounge


How Cute and Personal is this!?

While doing a search trying to find new cosmetics brands to try out, I came across this brand, RMS Beauty on this website, The site only sells brands that are natural and organic. They are a green, cruelty free site who picks the products they want to sell that meets their criteria of natural, organic, and humane.

The Brand RMS has two products that caught my eye; Their Cream Eyeshadows and Lip2Cheek. Personally I love cream eyeshadows and blushes because they just look so much more natural on the skin. Professionally I really wanted more all around products so I don’t have to lug around so many products.

What I really liked about the site is that they sell samples to try before buying them. I really hate buying products before trying them first, especially if the products are on the pricy side. And when buying online, unless it’s free to return the products(thank you Sephora), it’s really not worth the hassle or the price to return cosmetics, in my opinion. So I thought this was a brilliant way to try these products. For $25, you get 9 samples from any brand sold on the site plus three free samples. I got them today and thought I’d share my goodies. I will test these babies out within the next week or so and do reviews really soon!

The shipping was really quick. I Ordered these late last Thursday night and they came today, Monday!

I was a little disappointed in the sample sizes at first sight because I really want to test them out and get more than 2 uses out of them, 4 at best. But I must say that I used one of the Lip2cheek shades today on my lips and cheek and I really didn’t use a lot of product. So I’m hoping I get a few uses out these! We shall see.  I am so excited! I love trying out new beauty brands!

I got 4 of the cream eyeshadows:


And 5 of the Lip2Cheek:


Skin Authority Resurfacing Accelerator

Last month I went to an event at Naimies that was a launch party for the brand Skin Authority. I’ve never heard of this brand before nor have I read anything about them. Being a skin care, beauty junkie who’s always researching and learning about new brands I thought I’d go and see what this brand was all about. I attended an informative workshop lead by the creator of Skin Authority, Celeste Hilling and learned a lot about general skin care, the brand and their products. Celeste was AMAZING! Super friendly, warm, inviting and just an all around wonderful woman.

The brand is used on movie sets or photo shoots to get quick, instantaneous results. Celeste showed us how quickly the wrinkle serum works by applying the serum on an audience member and there was an instant lift. I was pretty amazed and it’s pretty hard to wow me with these types of demos. I can only imagine how well it works with continuous use.

I didn’t want to get too many products, as tempting as it was, so I decided to try out one product because 1) Naimies doesn’t have the best return policy and I need to be able to return something if it breaks me out or doesn’t work. 2) My skin is really sensitive and temperamental, it doesn’t like a lot of different products. SO I settled on the Resurfacing Accelerator. This product spoke to me more than any of the others because I have been struggling with discoloration from acne scars for some time now and it seems like nothing works to get rid of them for good.

Company Description: “This powerful, exfoliating gel derived from sugar cane accelerates the body’s natural cellular turnover cycle to improve rough, scarred, dry or dull skin caused by aging, acne, or sun damage. Regular use helps smooth rough texture and brightens treated areas. Glycolic Acid 15%, pH 3.69.”

Product: The main ingredients in this product are Glycolic Acid (Exfoliates skin and lowers its pH to increase absorption of topical applications and helps reduce oil and bacteria), Epilobium Angustifolium/Canadian Willowherb Extract (Reduces irritation and inflamation without steroids. Helps kill p. acnes bacteria) and Allantoin (soothes and hydrates
dry, irritated skin). This product is specific for those who suffer from dull or uneven skin tone, wrinkles and/or oily skin. It’s a clear gel that sinks instantly into the skin. Once applied the skin tingles a bit, more than likely because of the glycolic acid eating away at the surface skin. Celest Hilling, the creator and founder of Skin Authority, described this product as “an overnight peel” and I can definitely agree with that. I’ve gotten many peels during my acne struggles and what I don’t like about peels at spas or at the dermatologist is that the skin gets really red and there’s lots of peeling and flaking involved. I mean the end results of a peel is fabulous but the between stages of a peel is anything but.

What’s brilliant about this product is that the skin doesn’t flake or “peel”. I also didn’t get that tight, or dry feeling that usually comes with a facial or chemical peel. My skin feels very comfortable using this product. You apply this right before bed and overnight it works its magic. 15% glycolic acid is usually the norm that dermatologists use for their peels but this product isn’t harsh on the skin at all. I had no adverse reaction to this product and this is coming from someone who gave up on glycolic acid products because they always broke me out! This product seemed to suck up the oil on my skin and balance me out while not being too over drying. And of course, like with all glycolic acid products, its important to apply SPF daily. Even if the forecast is overcast, you must wear protection or your skin will darken.

I saw a change in my skin the next day. The dark spots weren’t gone but my skin tone seemed brighter and tighter without that tight, dry feeling. As the days passed the results kept getting better! Today, a little over a month of use, my skin is brighter and tighter and I don’t feel like I need to wear foundation everyday because of an uneven skin tone and discoloration. I am in love with this product and I will probably be using this forever! I am excited to try other products from the brand.

Price: $21 – $50 depending on what size you get. They come in two sizes; 0.7 FL oz and 1.7 FL oz. A little goes a long way. One pump is all I need for my entire face so this should last you at least 2-3 months.

Where to buy:;

Final Grade: A+

Product: 5/5


Not wearing makeup


Today after roughly one month of use. wearing no makeup! Only Moisturizer.