Armani Maestro Foundation 10


“Get a no makeup feel while achieving foundation coverage that locks into place. Inspired by the thinnest fabric in the world, super organza, Maestro Fusion makeup is a waterless suspension of volatile oils and pigments to allow ultimate comfort and weightless coverage. Featuring an ultra-thin texture and oil-pigment suspension that supports perfecting the complexion, this makeup hydrates the skin while adapting to the skin’s texture and tone.”

I’m not one to give into the hype of beauty products. I’m usually loyal to a brand or product that I love. But I’ve been on the hunt for a really good foundation that gives good coverage, looks natural and feels good on the skin. I got a sample of this at Nordstrom and I instantly fell in love. It goes on like a dream!
The foundation is so light and silky, I forget I’m wearing anything and the coverage is buildable from sheer to medium. It dries semi- matte and i don’t need to use powder for a nice natural, look.
I applied this with my fingers because i wanted it to melt into my skin. I find when using a brush for a lot of foundations either moves the product around too much, not giving an even coverage and I waste product because the brush or sponge sucks up some of the foundation.
I wore this for 6-7 hours without any fading or oxidizing. And within that time, my skin wasn’t oily and still looked fresh.
And i couldn’t believe the shade was perfect, 10; not too red or orange. A lot of these prestigious foundations can’t get the colors right for dark skinned beauties but it works for me.

I can’t say enough good stuffabout this foundation. It’s expensive, @ $62 but i only plan on using this when i go out, not everyday wear, so it should last a while.

Bottomline, go try this!


Armani Maestro 10


Wearing Maestro 10


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