Phamexpo This weekend

This weekend is the Phamexpo(Professional Hair and Makeup Expo) in Los Angeles. The event is open to the public and super beneficial to pros and the beauty lover.  The launch of the expo was last year and it was really intimate and similar to IMATS with professional speakers within the industry, workshops and vendor deals on purchases. In fact it’s the same place where Imats is held and Phamexpo replaced the original Imats date before it moved to January. So We now have 3 makeup conventions, (that i know of)! How awesome is that?!  I assume since the buzz is getting around and this year will be a lot more people, which is good because as an artist or makeup lover it is important to support these expos so they keep coming back with awesome beauty deals and insightful information for pro and aspiring artists. Not so great because of the crowds but great to be around other artists  and like minded people who share your passion. Lets face it, not everyone understands the methods to our madness. The speakers and education they have to offer is enough to go even if you can’t buy anything.

Last year I meat a few other artists who has helped me get to where I am today. It’s amazing for networking, learning and to get products and learn about what’s new.  I highly recommend this event if you are in the Los Angeles area, aspiring artist, makeup lover. It’s all good!

I will be in this workshop taught by the amazing Donna Mee on sunday. I am currently an Empire Student and TRUST when I say you want to hear what she has to say. She’s absolutely amazing!

Come out and support the industry we love and appreciate! What are you waiting for?!?! 😛

Are you going to the Phamexpo this year?


Well Hello Stranger!

Hello beautiful people. I have been away from my beloved blog for far too long. I started working again, back from summer vacation, so I have just been dead to the world when I get home! I have been on a few makeup jobs within the last month so that’s been the highlight and excitement in my life. I did the Raw Artist show in Hollywood, which was super fun and as a result of that I got a couple calls to do makeup for a couple photo shoots and I also did a bridal fashion show last weekend. So I’ve been a bit busy to say the least, but in a good way. So it’s good to be back writing and sharing makeup stuff with you all and also reading posts from others.

Do tell, what have you been up to and how have you been?! Hope you are all well.

I thought i’d share a few photos of some of my work from the show and also ask for you all to take a minute to register and vote for me for the raw artist makeup artist of the year! I know what you’re thinking; “Man, I need to register?” Yes you do because not only will you be doing me a solid but you might be enticed to be a Raw featured artist! 😉 So go to the link below, resister your name and please vote.


Raw Artist Show

Raw Artist Show

Raw Artist Show 2013

Raw Artist Show 2013

Exciting News!!!


Last year I went to an event showcasing work from up and coming artists in art, fashion, hair, makeup, photography, music, film and performing art called Raw. It’s an independent organization that supports artists and gives them a platform to showcase their work. It’s a great opportunity to network, get exposure, see some great acts and arts and most importantly to get inspired. Because I attended this even last year I was able to network with other artists and work with a couple photographers and other makeup artists. So just by being there doing nothing except talking with others about their passions and enjoying a fabulous show, I was able to get further ahead in my career path.

I am extremely happy and honored to announce that I have been chosen to showcase my work for the next RAW event, September 5, 2013. I will work with a hair team and create something fabulous that will be featured on a runways for a designer that will also be showcased. It feels so unreal to me. I have never done runway makeup though I have always wanted to and It’s mind blowing that I get a fabulous opportunity like this.

I would really appreciate the support! People like you make this event possible and make aspiring artists dreams come true. If you live in the Los Angeles area, or surrounding area, please show your support to a great organization and purchase a ticket and attend the event. You won’t be disappointed! Share with other artists, family, friends or anyone who enjoys the arts. Please check out and buy a ticket through my link to support me. I would really appreciate it.

I would really encourage any artist seeking exposure and fun; hair, makeup, performing arts, art, film etc to check into showcasing. They have shows worldwide. It is extremely beneficial and it definitely wouldn’t hurt to check it out and apply. 

My personal experience of last years event and pictures can be seen here

The Color of 2013 is…

Pantone emerald 2013

Pantone Universe has hailed Emerald the color of 2013 and I think that’s a excellent choice because it looks pretty on everyone! Emerald is so lovely and vibrant. Whenever I see this shade I instantly think of life and nature. Although green is technically a cool color there isn’t just one green, or emerald, shade so it’s easy to find your perfect shade of green. When worn anywhere from head to toe, emerald will add a nice addition of color to any look. So play around and find your unique style and color combo!

Here are some random photos that caught my eye I found online and looking at online catalogs just to give a few ideas on how to wear this beautiful color.

What kinds of Emeralds are you wearing this season?


This beautiful dress is exactly what you need for a night out with the girls or for a hot date!


Choose one of these for a vibrant spring look and add some color to your home


What better way to add glamour to any look than with these beautiful drop earrings?


Glam up any casual look with these lovely green peep toes.


Emerald is a big hit with celebs, even with the beautiful First Lady!


MUFE Aqua Cream 22; Pure color palette Emerald Oasis; Mac Steamy e/s; Butter London British Racing Green; UD liner Graffiti; Nails Inc. Nail Jewelry

And of course I HAD to throw in some makeup! This is a makeup blog after all 🙂

 Below are a couple of past looks I have done using green.




Athletic Face of the Day- Gabby Douglas


I thought I’d do a feature on the lovely Olympic Athletes of 2012. I have enjoyed every single moment of the games and I’m sad to see them go away until 2016. All the athletes were amazing, beautiful and represented well. I’m super late on this and I probably should’ve been doing this throughout the games instead of waiting the day before the closing ceremonies, but oh well! The idea just came to me so I wanna showcase my favorite Oymoic athletes from these games!

My First athletic face of the day is the beautiful Gabby Douglas, making history as the first African American Olympic all around champion. Her smile is so captivating, genuine and lovely. Her poise and athleticism is so graceful she can’t help but be watched, admired and enjoyed. She’s been getting a lot of press, not because of her 2 gold medals and history making performance but because of her hair! When I googled her name “Gabby Douglas Hair” was the first to pop up, not even her name. How shallow can people be?! Is this the hair Olympics? Is she being judged on how straight her hair can get? Come on people! And the things people say are so mean and uncalled for. People hide behind their computers and post negativity because they know they won’t be found. What’s the point? People have issues beyond repair that stems from jealously and hatred(blatant or in the closet). I feel that if you have an issue with something, don’t watch and shut your mouth! Simple as that! It just makes me so angry when people talk about and judge things they can’t understand and they don’t even try to understand. Look at the bigger picture, not the minor details. Hair is hair but history is forever. Suck on that gold medal!
Sorry if I turned this into my personal rant but I had to get that out!



Season of the Prom


Prom season is here again and with it comes giddy teenagers, pretty dresses, fashonable shoes and fabulous hair and makeup!  Prom is one of the most important days for some teenagers.  A day of pampering is a girl’s ideal day no matter what age they are.   Teens spend the day getting their nails, hair and makeup done to make themselves look more beautiful than they are thus making them feel better about themselves. Whether going with a date or going with friends, prom is sure to be a fun, exciting night and quite possibly the start to many late nights of partying and dancing with friends. It’s the teens beginning of independence.

A teen’s makeup is what brings their look together.  They have this beautiful dress with cute shoes, hair is looking sharp and now the makeup must be flawless to make everything blend together. A few tips (and pictures I found doing a google search) for great makeup on prom night:

1.) Don’t wear too much! You ideally want to look pretty and glamorous but not overly made up. Pick a feature you want to play up and stick with that. Bold eyes is fine but be sure to keep the lips simple and neutral or vice versa.

2.) Neutral eye makeup is usually safe and works for everyone and goes with almost every dress. Brown, beige, gold, peach tones, white gold are all excellent choices for the eyes and easy to add a color to. Not everyone likes to wear colorful eyeshadow but one can add a colored eye liner to amp up the look a bit and bring out your eyes. The colored liner could match the detail in the dress to bring it all together.


Use a white or a bone( for darker skin) colored eyeliner to open small set eyes.





Neutral eyes with heavy eye liner

Neutral eyes with colored eyeliner

3.) Smokey eyes works great for any occasion. The brilliance of a Smokey eye is one can go as subtle or as dramatic as they’d like. It doesn’t always need to be dramatic. There are tons of palettes, with instructions, available (high end and drug store brands) that makes Smokey eyes easy to accomplish. Add a wash of black, or even a bronze eyeshadow over a base (eye primer or a blended out black eye kohl) blend the color out with a neutral eyeshadow that matches your skintone and add a highlight. Add eyeliner to the top and bottom lash lines, set with a dark shadow and add mascara. To add more drama, add some black eyeshadow to the crease and blend it out so there are no harsh lines.




Dark smokey eyes with lots of liner and mascara


Very Natural, No Makeup makeup look with a slight smokey eye. Not overly made up but still pretty

4.) Not too sure about wearing eye makeup? Apply eyeliner to the top lashes and outer bottom lash lines for small eyes or rim the entire eye for bigger eye shapes and lots of mascara to fake it. And add some color to your lips if you desire.





5.) Get a flawless face with a foundation that gives the type of coverage you need; tinted moisturizer or a sheer cover foundation if you just need to even out the skin tone, medium to full coverage if you need to hide acne and/or acne scars. Don’t forget to powder.

6.) Prime to make it last. You will probably be out late, prom and after party, so prime your face and eyes before applying foundation and eyeshadow then the lips with a matching lipliner to ensure your look lasts all night. A makeup setting spray also helps.

Did you go to your high school prom? If so, what kind of dress did you wear and how did you wear your makeup?
If not, do you regret not going?

Blast From the Past- 80’s Makeup Looks

I was going through my pictures on my phone and in my Facebook and I came across some old pictures that I wanted to share. I have gone to 2 different 80’s themed parties so far and I’ve done makeup for both on people. When you think of 80’s makeup you think pink, yellow, red, blue, purple; bright and bold colors that really isn’t for everyday use or work friendly but they are fun and party friendly!  I had so much fun doing these and I think they came out great considering this was a time when I really didn’t know much about makeup, I had no formal knowledge of makeup application and I was doing makeup just for fun because I had so much stuff to use up. For the most part I really was self-taught in doing makeup. You don’t NEED a certificate to work or anything but it does help to learn different techniques and what you don’t really fully understand. Anyhow, here are pictures!

Bright and bold colors and BEADS!Totally 80's!


Red and Purples!


Lots of Pink!


Below is more recent; Last year! I’m sad I didn’t get close up pictures of each lady but as I said this was just for fun! Lots of bright colors! I guess I was going for goth because that’s what I look like! LOL

I did everyone except the lovely lady in the white! Still loving the bows!