Season of the Prom


Prom season is here again and with it comes giddy teenagers, pretty dresses, fashonable shoes and fabulous hair and makeup!  Prom is one of the most important days for some teenagers.  A day of pampering is a girl’s ideal day no matter what age they are.   Teens spend the day getting their nails, hair and makeup done to make themselves look more beautiful than they are thus making them feel better about themselves. Whether going with a date or going with friends, prom is sure to be a fun, exciting night and quite possibly the start to many late nights of partying and dancing with friends. It’s the teens beginning of independence.

A teen’s makeup is what brings their look together.  They have this beautiful dress with cute shoes, hair is looking sharp and now the makeup must be flawless to make everything blend together. A few tips (and pictures I found doing a google search) for great makeup on prom night:

1.) Don’t wear too much! You ideally want to look pretty and glamorous but not overly made up. Pick a feature you want to play up and stick with that. Bold eyes is fine but be sure to keep the lips simple and neutral or vice versa.

2.) Neutral eye makeup is usually safe and works for everyone and goes with almost every dress. Brown, beige, gold, peach tones, white gold are all excellent choices for the eyes and easy to add a color to. Not everyone likes to wear colorful eyeshadow but one can add a colored eye liner to amp up the look a bit and bring out your eyes. The colored liner could match the detail in the dress to bring it all together.


Use a white or a bone( for darker skin) colored eyeliner to open small set eyes.





Neutral eyes with heavy eye liner

Neutral eyes with colored eyeliner

3.) Smokey eyes works great for any occasion. The brilliance of a Smokey eye is one can go as subtle or as dramatic as they’d like. It doesn’t always need to be dramatic. There are tons of palettes, with instructions, available (high end and drug store brands) that makes Smokey eyes easy to accomplish. Add a wash of black, or even a bronze eyeshadow over a base (eye primer or a blended out black eye kohl) blend the color out with a neutral eyeshadow that matches your skintone and add a highlight. Add eyeliner to the top and bottom lash lines, set with a dark shadow and add mascara. To add more drama, add some black eyeshadow to the crease and blend it out so there are no harsh lines.




Dark smokey eyes with lots of liner and mascara


Very Natural, No Makeup makeup look with a slight smokey eye. Not overly made up but still pretty

4.) Not too sure about wearing eye makeup? Apply eyeliner to the top lashes and outer bottom lash lines for small eyes or rim the entire eye for bigger eye shapes and lots of mascara to fake it. And add some color to your lips if you desire.





5.) Get a flawless face with a foundation that gives the type of coverage you need; tinted moisturizer or a sheer cover foundation if you just need to even out the skin tone, medium to full coverage if you need to hide acne and/or acne scars. Don’t forget to powder.

6.) Prime to make it last. You will probably be out late, prom and after party, so prime your face and eyes before applying foundation and eyeshadow then the lips with a matching lipliner to ensure your look lasts all night. A makeup setting spray also helps.

Did you go to your high school prom? If so, what kind of dress did you wear and how did you wear your makeup?
If not, do you regret not going?


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