Athletic Face of the Day- Gabby Douglas


I thought I’d do a feature on the lovely Olympic Athletes of 2012. I have enjoyed every single moment of the games and I’m sad to see them go away until 2016. All the athletes were amazing, beautiful and represented well. I’m super late on this and I probably should’ve been doing this throughout the games instead of waiting the day before the closing ceremonies, but oh well! The idea just came to me so I wanna showcase my favorite Oymoic athletes from these games!

My First athletic face of the day is the beautiful Gabby Douglas, making history as the first African American Olympic all around champion. Her smile is so captivating, genuine and lovely. Her poise and athleticism is so graceful she can’t help but be watched, admired and enjoyed. She’s been getting a lot of press, not because of her 2 gold medals and history making performance but because of her hair! When I googled her name “Gabby Douglas Hair” was the first to pop up, not even her name. How shallow can people be?! Is this the hair Olympics? Is she being judged on how straight her hair can get? Come on people! And the things people say are so mean and uncalled for. People hide behind their computers and post negativity because they know they won’t be found. What’s the point? People have issues beyond repair that stems from jealously and hatred(blatant or in the closet). I feel that if you have an issue with something, don’t watch and shut your mouth! Simple as that! It just makes me so angry when people talk about and judge things they can’t understand and they don’t even try to understand. Look at the bigger picture, not the minor details. Hair is hair but history is forever. Suck on that gold medal!
Sorry if I turned this into my personal rant but I had to get that out!




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