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OCC Lip Tars

(L-R) Trollop, Melange, Memento, Belladonna

Company Description:
“A stunning new innovation in lip color, OCC Lip Tar combines the longevity of a lipstick, with the ease of application of a gloss. Goes on slick and moist, and dries down to a satin finish. Ultra-saturated in color, Lip Tar contains an unprecedented amount of pigment – a little goes a very, very long way! An intense yet featherweight layer of color that never looks or feels heavy. Meant to be mixed, Lip Tar comes in concise array of colors for a limitless selection of shades made by you! A simple, elegant formula that contains Hemp Oil, Peppermint Oil and Vitamin E, OCC Lip Tar feels as good on the lips as it looks!”

The colors I got are:

Memento– Plum toned pink.

Trollop:-Cranberry pink shade. Arguably my favorite of this bunch. I love this one because it brightens your face up so much. It’s bright and begs for attention.

Belladonna– Ultra Violet shade

Melange– A terracotta neutral shade


(L-R)Melange, Trollop, Memento, Belladonna

Product: I’ve been wanting to try these for quite some time but because I am weird about buying things online without trying the product first, I haven’t had the chance…until now! I’m sorry I waited so song to try these because I really do love these lip colors. They are bold, vibrant and give the lips full coverage. The genius of these are the different shades can be mixed together to create your own crazy or subtle unique shade. There are some shades that are really out there like the yellow, white, blue or orange that are made to be mixed. However they can definitely be worn alone if you’re bold enough to do so or for avant garde makeup looks. These are so unique and I love them for that. These are just fun!


Mixing a few shades together, (L)Melange and Trollop; (R)Belladonna and Memento

There is a subtle minty scent to these because of the peppermint oils but that fades within the first 20 minutes or so. When you put them on they glide over your lips and it feels like you aren’t wearing anything. The texture is light and smooth and it’s not glossy. It doesn’t look like a gloss despite being a liquid with many oils in them. It does dry to look like a lipstick. You only need a dime sized amount to get full coverage, maybe even less than that. They also can be used as blush and I feel you can use a tiny bit as a  corrector to get rid of those dark circles under your eyes because they aren’t glossy and they dry to a satin finish. For instance yellow would correct dark circles.

These have a long wear time too! I averaged my wear time about 5 hours before I noticed fading. With Trollop, I wore this for about 5 hours with no fading. Then I ate and drank and still had a good amount of color on my lips, though a bit uneven but the color was still apparent. So with brighter colors you get more wear time.

Packaging: They come in little tubes and have no applicator so you have to use your fingers or a lip brush to apply the product. These are great for traveling and storing because they are so small but I don’t like the tubes. It’s nothing major but it’s just my personal preference that I house all my lipsticks and glosses standing up together. I have to keep them in a basket separately. And sometimes when I take off the cap some product oozes out. Of course that won’t stop me from buying more!

Price: $14 for 0.33oz. That’s actually a good price when compared to other brands like Mac where you pay $14.50 for 0.17oz of product. And with lip tars, when you’re running out of product you can squeeze the tube to get most if not all the product out. You don’t have to scrape and fight to get that little bit out the tube. We all want to get our money’s worth, right?!


Wearing Trollop


Wearing Melange


Wearing Belladonna


Wearing Belladonna mixed with Trollop

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Final Grade: A

Product: 5/5

Packaging: 4/5


I need more of these in my life!!


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Happy hauling!!!

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Inglot Sleeks Platinum Lip Paint #83


So there’s not that much of a difference between this Sleeks gloss and the previous Sleeks gloss reviewed here. The only thing that is different from the regular Sleeks is that Sleeks platinum has a metallic pearl finish to it. Otherwise the formula is pretty much the same. The texture is creamy and smooth, non sticky and not thick with a delicious scent that makes me crave strawberries! This feels pretty soft on the lips and it added a bit of moisture but I felt the moisture faded after a while, I’d say about after an hour, however it’s not drying.

Sleeks Platinum #83 is a peachy coral color with a metallic pearl finish. This one looks more like a gloss to me, leaving a glossy finish on the lips. The coverage is even but the color is pretty sheer. It looks beautiful in the tube and when swatched. On the lips it looks really pretty at first and the color is really apparent but the color faded pretty quickly, I’d say roughly about 2 hours, and I was left with a metallic pearl sheen. I didn’t really care for the metallic sheen. I’d much rather have the color. This is a gloss that you need to keep reapplying throughout the day to keep the color strong.

The wear time of this product was not as long as the regular Sleeks gloss. After about 4 hours of wear the color and the metallic pearl was completely gone. The color was was gone after about 2 hours leaving behind the metallic sheen.

Sleeks Platinum #83 is a pretty unique color because of the metallic finish. I don’t see many (if any) glosses with a metallic sheen to it. I usually see glitter or shimmer. It’s different but I didn’t care too much for this product. When I wear gloss or any lip color, I don’t want to keep reapplying the color to keep it looking fresh. I like the initial color but I don’t like how fast the color fades and the left over metallic sheen makes me look like I’m craving crack! It comes off as ashy on the lips. I think this will suit my lighter skin beauties more than darker skin tones. This might even look good on olive or medium skin ladies but definitely not recommended for my darker skin beauties(NC45 and up).

Quick Review

Product: 3/5-The texture is really smooth and creamy, the formula is not sticky or thick and I love the scent. The color is really pretty however I am not a fan of the metallic finish, which brought my rating down. On the lips I feel like this overpowers the color a bit and the color fades a too fast for my taste.

Packaging: 5/5- The tube is different and it’s really compact. The long application wand makes for easy control when applying the color.

Price: 4/5- Relatively small amount of product when compared to other brands but the price is not as expensive as other brands.

I really like the regular Sleeks gloss, not so much the Platinum gloss 😦  I really wanted to like this!

Inglot Lipstick #277



I am happy to review my first Inglot Lipstick for you all today. I don’t see many (or any) Inglot Lipstick reviews but I’ve been wanting to try them. For those who don’t know, I LOVE lipstick! Lipstick was all I used to buy when I was forbidden to wear makeup (in middle school) and I prefer lipstick over lipgloss.  At the makeup show Inglot had a nice variety of lipsticks so it was hard to choose one. This shade was just released so it was on a display separate from the other lipsticks. I was instantly drawn to it and had to have it.

The texture of this lipstick is very smooth and creamy. It applies very well to the lips and gives an even opaque look. The lipstick has the same fruity, strawberry scent that Inglot Sleeks has. I really do love the scent!


The color is a pretty coppery, bronzey red with gold glitter. This color is very similar to the Sleek Lipgloss #26 reviewed here. The only differences are that the gloss has a bit more red in it and obviously has a glossiness that seems to fade over time of wear. The lipstick has more apparent glitter on the lips, is more opaque and wears a bit longer. When the color fades you are left with a nice tint of color on the lips. The lipstick is not drying on the lips but I didn’t notice it being moisturizing either.

(Below are comparisons; (R)-gloss (L)-lipstick)

After about 5 hours the color was still pretty strong and even. The lips weren’t dry nor did they look cakey; you know what it looks like when you’ve been wearing lipstick or gloss all day and it starts to look old and dry. The color lasted a full 8 hours before the color was completely gone.

Quick Review

Product: 5/5- The formula is really creamy and smooth with a nice scent, the lipstick is long lasting and the color is beautiful! This adds so much color to the face.

Packaging: 5/5- A cute sleek black tube that stands up in my lipstick holder! YAY!!

Price: 5/5- $12 for 4.5g/0.16oz of product is actually pretty damn good! With Mac lipsticks you’re paying $14.50 for 3g of product. So you’re getting more with Inglot for a cheaper price.

I am super excited to try out more of Inglot’s lipsticks!!

Girls, Girls, (Show)Girls!!

So if you don’t already know, for class yesterday we did showgirl looks on each other. I posted the classmate I made up here but here is her work on me! Since the artist had to use the model’s makeup my Inglot palette was used with this(I swear I’ll review that soon!).

I just thought I’d share because I absolutely LOVE these lashes! I’ve never really cared too much for false lashes for numerous reasons. 1) I used to have  a hard time applying them 2) my glasses seemed to crush and hide the lashes (and I’m not ready for contacts just yet) and 3) I was always satisfied with my own lashes. But I seemed to have missed the idea that lashes are really fun and cool. So now that I know how to apply them and after wearing these all day I might have to start wearing them! Anyhow Here it is.

PS- Ironically I went to see the Hunger Games yesterday(amazing BTW) and I thought it was perfect I was wearing these! Representing The Capital!


My Showgirl look



I love the colors she used! You can really see them here!

Model of the day

So yesterday in class we did showgirl looks which meant bold, bright colors, lots of liner, big lashes bold lips. Everything you would see if you’d go to a show in Las Vegas. Not exactly what you would wear everyday…well you could if you’re confident enough and don’t care. I would!

It was really fun doing this makeup. This was a day to let your creativity shine. In class everyone was assigned to a partner and we used their own makeup for their look. Everyone did a fabulous job on their models. I loved doing this makeup because I’ve always been one to go big and bold with eye makeup. I’ve toned it down as of late just because either I don’t have time to do full makeup or I just want to have natural makeup but doing full, bold makeup is just so much fun.

I hate when people ask me, “why do you need all that makeup on?” Or they say things like, “you’re so pretty you really don’t need all that makeup on”. I just got to the point where I just walk away because they’ll never understand. Its not to make yourself look better and its not to hide yourself, its just FUN. Makeup is art! You never ask an artist “why do you use so many different colors in a piece” or “why is this so abstract?” You just enjoy the beauty and creativity of it.
Anyhow that’s just my vent for the day. Here is my model! I really wish my partner had more fun lashes but I liked how this came out. I keep forgetting to get before shots!


Lush Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask


Lush fresh face mask



Lush sells nine different fresh face masks suited for different skin types and focusing on different skin issues from congested skin, dull skin, dry skin, oily skin etc. Made from fresh, natural ingredients such as eggs, honey, garlic, papaya, essential oils just to name a few. It sounds like the makings of a nice salad. Lush is known for using natural ingredients in their products that are handmade. These masks are so fresh, you have to keep these refrigerated and they last for about 3 weeks. Which means there’s no preservatives in these babies! Because they must stay refrigerated they can only be bought in stores. They are sold for 6.95 and the pots can be recycled; every 5 pots you bring back you get a free mask!

Lush certainly prepared this fresh face mask for war! This is hands down my favorite mask by Lush. When I see my skin is starting to breakout, I get some Cosmetic Warrior ready for combat. Suited specifically for problematic, blemish prone skin, this product works wonders to treat and clear your skin. If you suffer from oily skin this mask sucks up the oil leaving your skin squeaky clean but not dried out. You can use it all over the face or as a spot treatment for that one pesky pimple that won’t go away. The key ingredients in this mask are tea tree oil and garlic, which are a natural antiseptics that kills bacteria. The mask also contains honey to soothe the skin and eggs  to cleanse the skin. Because the mask is cold it also tightens the pores, firming the skin a bit. You can use this daily or you can use it a couple times a week. I like using it daily and within a week my breakouts are usually gone. I continue to use it to help maintain a healthy face.

Because of the garlic and tea tree oil the smell can be overpowering and stinks to some. I didn’t have a problem with the smell but I can see how some may can not tolerate the smell. My recommendation for that would be to breathe through your mouth while it’s on. Or if you absolute can not stand the smell all over your face, try it as a spot treatment. I think the results are worth enduring the smell for about 5-10 minutes. I owe this product so much because this really did help get my skin under control when I was lost in the land of beauty consumerism. I was literally trying everything  I saw in stores with no results but this helped so much and I pray this never gets disconinued!!

Quick Review

Product: 5/5- Natural ingredients that effectively combat pimples and calms your skin. It’s really refreshing, if you can get past the smell. It cleans, tightens and soothes the skin. It can be used all over the face for a relaxing, cool mask or just on pimples to help kill the bacteria.

Pacakging:5/5-  Housed in a small and compact pot, the mask can be stored easily in the fridge without taking up much space.

Price:5/5- For $6.95 you get all natural ingredients that lasts for about 3 weeks.You can use as little or as much as you want, as often as you want. I use it daily and it does last me a couple days past the three weeks mark. Save 5 pots and you get a free face mask!