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Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Skin Powder Candlelight



I’ve been wanting(more like obsessing over) this highlight powder for at least a year now. Every year, I go to a makeup show I intend on buying it but leave without it in my bag. Not this year! This year at the makeup show, I made it my life’s purpose to hit the Kevyn Aucoin booth for this and I’m so glad I did! I can’t believe I have waited this long to buy this.




I wore this the next day and O.M.G….I could’ve died right there and my life would’ve been complete. I immediately fell in love with this the moment I swept this over my cheeks. The powder is so silky and smooth it blends flawlessly and effortlessly. I have quite a few highlight powders(cause I am a highlight junkie) and this by far was the most impressive powder I have ever tried; No chunky glitter or harsh, noticeable shimmer on the cheekbones. It’s very light and subtle for a natural look. I got a lot of compliments on my glowing skin that day! The color is perfect, it’s a champagne with golden undertones. I find that champagne highlight powders can look too cool and make darker skin look a bit on the ashy side. I didn’t find this one to be too cool, It was just right.

The packaging is small, fits in my hand but great for travel. I feel like it’s a small amount of product however I’m not using this baby every day and I don’t have to load this product on my brush so it will more than likely last me forever. I do use this a lot though for it has become my new favorite highlight powder.

My suggestion: Go get it!


Phamexpo This weekend

This weekend is the Phamexpo(Professional Hair and Makeup Expo) in Los Angeles. The event is open to the public and super beneficial to pros and the beauty lover.  The launch of the expo was last year and it was really intimate and similar to IMATS with professional speakers within the industry, workshops and vendor deals on purchases. In fact it’s the same place where Imats is held and Phamexpo replaced the original Imats date before it moved to January. So We now have 3 makeup conventions, (that i know of)! How awesome is that?!  I assume since the buzz is getting around and this year will be a lot more people, which is good because as an artist or makeup lover it is important to support these expos so they keep coming back with awesome beauty deals and insightful information for pro and aspiring artists. Not so great because of the crowds but great to be around other artists  and like minded people who share your passion. Lets face it, not everyone understands the methods to our madness. The speakers and education they have to offer is enough to go even if you can’t buy anything.

Last year I meat a few other artists who has helped me get to where I am today. It’s amazing for networking, learning and to get products and learn about what’s new.  I highly recommend this event if you are in the Los Angeles area, aspiring artist, makeup lover. It’s all good! http://www.phamexpo.com

I will be in this workshop taught by the amazing Donna Mee on sunday. I am currently an Empire Student and TRUST when I say you want to hear what she has to say. She’s absolutely amazing!

Come out and support the industry we love and appreciate! What are you waiting for?!?! 😛

Are you going to the Phamexpo this year?