Blast From the Past- 80’s Makeup Looks

I was going through my pictures on my phone and in my Facebook and I came across some old pictures that I wanted to share. I have gone to 2 different 80’s themed parties so far and I’ve done makeup for both on people. When you think of 80’s makeup you think pink, yellow, red, blue, purple; bright and bold colors that really isn’t for everyday use or work friendly but they are fun and party friendly!  I had so much fun doing these and I think they came out great considering this was a time when I really didn’t know much about makeup, I had no formal knowledge of makeup application and I was doing makeup just for fun because I had so much stuff to use up. For the most part I really was self-taught in doing makeup. You don’t NEED a certificate to work or anything but it does help to learn different techniques and what you don’t really fully understand. Anyhow, here are pictures!

Bright and bold colors and BEADS!Totally 80's!


Red and Purples!


Lots of Pink!


Below is more recent; Last year! I’m sad I didn’t get close up pictures of each lady but as I said this was just for fun! Lots of bright colors! I guess I was going for goth because that’s what I look like! LOL

I did everyone except the lovely lady in the white! Still loving the bows!



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