April Favorites


My Favorite Things In April

April has come and gone and it proved to be a great month for me! I got a lot of things done and got to see some amazing things last month. Kind of sad to see it go but happy for what’s next to come. Here are some of my favorite things in April. I just couldn’t get enough of these last month.

Face Products
Nars Tinted Moisturizer– I wore this daily, day and night, and took it everywhere. Such a nice tinted moisturizer. See my review here

Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand– A nice edition to my personal collection. See my review here

Tarte Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder– I love this because it’s really fine and it doesn’t leave a white cast. It blends beautifully.

Lip Products
Mac Heroine Lipstick & Lip liner– So Sad these were limited(freaking Mac). I missed the initial launch date because I was in Ensenada on Vacation and I was so bummed but I accepted the fact that Mac is dumb with these L/E shades and chalked it up as a loss. LUCKILY, my pro store restocked on these for an event and I was able to get them. It was meant to be! It really is a lovely and original shade. I thought the Lip liner was a dupe for Mac Magenta but it’s really not. You can see the difference; Heroine lip liner is more purple.


Wearing Mac Heroine Lipstick and liner

Illamasqua Eurydice Lipstick– Loving this lipstick. It’s so bright and eye catching and I love the name! All my Greek mythology geeks know who she is. Pictures can be seen here

Eye Products
Mac Brazenly Eyeshadow– I loved this metallic purple eye shadow! See pictures here

Nars And God Created the Woman Palette– Pictures and review can be seen here

Lorac Front of the Line Pro Liquid Liner– Love, love this liner. It’s so easy and smooth. see my review and pictures here


I went to Ensenada with friends for a much needed, super fun and relaxing ladies weekend. It was a nice getaway filled with laughs,, drinking, cooking, wine tasting, delicious street food and more drinking. Here are a few pictures. If you’d like to see more I have tons of pictures on my instagram! Check em out! lady_d_makeup


Winery in Ensenada


My Beautiful Girls


La Bufadora

I went to a few Mac Pro social events; One was the pre launch of the Baking Beauties and Extra Dimension party that was super fun. And the second was an installation for celebrity Makeup Artist Val Garland. Such beautiful work! More photos on my instagram.


Mac Baking Beauties Event


Val Garland Installation

Haven’t gone to the theaters much in a while and when I did, I saw crappy movies. But I have been watching Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion on cable all month. I have seen this movie numerous times but lately just couldn’t get enough of it! It’s a classic with great 80’s tunes and a sincere message about the bonds of friendship. It doesn’t matter who invented post-its or who’s the Mary. LOL

What were some of your favorite things In April?


May Favorites


Here are some of my favorite things from last month. Is it me or did May go by in a blur? Time to say goodbye to a successful month of accomplishments and fun and time to bring in a new month! I’m so happy Summer is here which means lots of bright colors and fun beach days ahead. 

Do Tell, What were some of your favorites for May?

My Favorites:

LipstickMac Sail La Vie: Gorgeous shade for summer. Suits everyone beautifully and very wearable I think.

LipglossMac Riviera Life: Perfect Orange gloss for the season, not super bright but very pigmented for a gloss. I wore this almost everyday from the day I bought this.

Eye ShadowMac Jaunty: A great everyday shade that could be worn in lots of different ways.

Night Serum– Skin Authority Resurfacing  Accelerator: Skin Authority is a new brand I got to try out and I am really liking them so far. Definitely loving this particular product, which purpose is to lighten skin discoloration. Review coming very soon!

Blush– Nars Exhibit A: Bright but when used lightly, gives a gorgeous flush of color. Perfect for my darker skin beauties.

Favorite New Eating Spot– Thyme Cafe in Santa Monica, CA. My intention is to try at least two new restaurants a month so I can get out the habit of going to the same places and ordering the same foods. When I find a spot I love I find it really hard to try something new.

Weekend Activity– I got the opportunity to work with a talented photographer this month to create some beautiful faces for some beautiful shots. Orville of Yogi-ni Photos. Check out his work! Very talented!

Accomplishments– Working on another theater production at El Camino College and doing body and face painting free hand. Never thought of myself as a painter, or a face and body painter, and never really had interest in it until doing so. Never underestimate your abilities!

Movie– The Avengers: For the comic geek inside of me, really great movie. I laughed, I teared a bit and best of all got to see lots of hotness in this movie…Chris Evans…HELLO!! Great movie!

April Favorites!

Here are some of my favorite things this month! I can’t believe this month is over already! However May brings a lot of interesting and exciting events on my calendar. Stay tuned to find out what those are!

Most, if not all, products are worn in some look I’ve previously posted so I didn’t do swatches here. If you’d like a review or have a question about a product listed leave me a comment.
Have a great day!


Chanel Perfection Lumiere reviewed here: I fell in love with the sample I got from Macys and I love this for special occasions. It gives a flawless look!

Lip Gloss

Nars Wonder Lipgloss reviewed here:Perfect for the spring and summer seasons. It’s a gorgeous shade that’s not too sublte or too bold.


Mac Marquise D’ Lipstick was released with the Wonder Woman collection last year but I fell in love with this lipstick again. It’s a pinky nude color with some shimmer. Great neutral shade for everyone.


Illamasqua Lover: A perfect peach color that brightens the skin; it acts as a blush and a subtle, non shimmery highlight on my skin. I LOVE this shade.


Mac Supurb MSF reviewed here.

Nars Albatross Highlighter looks stark white in the pan but it gives Gorgeous golden shimmer, perfect for every shade! Love this!

Eye Liner

Makeup Forever Aqua Black Cream Liner is black, warerproof, and goes over the eyes super smoothly. Perfect for the waterline since it won’t fade or wash away. You can’t ask for a better liner.


(L-R)Nubile, Beach Blonde, Saffron

Eye Shadows

Mac Beach Blonde, Mac Saffron: Released with Mac to the Beach last summer I thought I’d pull these babies out since it’s officially Spring.  Mac Nubile Paint Pot, I like to use this on it’s own with a darker brown or bronze in the crease to contour the eye. It’s a great nude color with a slight sheen to it.


American Reuinion: I LOVED the original American Pie movie and the franchise slowly went downhill after(I liked the second but of course it wasn’t as great as the first). Reunion delivered the wrongness and the raunciness that I loved from the first and the ‘Stifmeister’ was on point! Hilarious!

What were some of your favorites this April?