Exciting News!!!


Last year I went to an event showcasing work from up and coming artists in art, fashion, hair, makeup, photography, music, film and performing art called Raw. It’s an independent organization that supports artists and gives them a platform to showcase their work. It’s a great opportunity to network, get exposure, see some great acts and arts and most importantly to get inspired. Because I attended this even last year I was able to network with other artists and work with a couple photographers and other makeup artists. So just by being there doing nothing except talking with others about their passions and enjoying a fabulous show, I was able to get further ahead in my career path.

I am extremely happy and honored to announce that I have been chosen to showcase my work for the next RAW event, September 5, 2013. I will work with a hair team and create something fabulous that will be featured on a runways for a designer that will also be showcased. It feels so unreal to me. I have never done runway makeup though I have always wanted to and It’s mind blowing that I get a fabulous opportunity like this.


I would really appreciate the support! People like you make this event possible and make aspiring artists dreams come true. If you live in the Los Angeles area, or surrounding area, please show your support to a great organization and purchase a ticket and attend the event. You won’t be disappointed! Share with other artists, family, friends or anyone who enjoys the arts. Please check out and buy a ticket through my link www.rawartists.org/ladydmakeup to support me. I would really appreciate it.

I would really encourage any artist seeking exposure and fun; hair, makeup, performing arts, art, film etc to check into showcasing. They have shows worldwide. It is extremely beneficial and it definitely wouldn’t hurt to check it out and apply. 

My personal experience of last years event and pictures can be seen here



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