Well Hello Stranger!

Hello beautiful people. I have been away from my beloved blog for far too long. I started working again, back from summer vacation, so I have just been dead to the world when I get home! I have been on a few makeup jobs within the last month so that’s been the highlight and excitement in my life. I did the Raw Artist show in Hollywood, which was super fun and as a result of that I got a couple calls to do makeup for a couple photo shoots and I also did a bridal fashion show last weekend. So I’ve been a bit busy to say the least, but in a good way. So it’s good to be back writing and sharing makeup stuff with you all and also reading posts from others.

Do tell, what have you been up to and how have you been?! Hope you are all well.

I thought i’d share a few photos of some of my work from the show and also ask for you all to take a minute to register and vote for me for the raw artist makeup artist of the year! I know what you’re thinking; “Man, I need to register?” Yes you do because not only will you be doing me a solid but you might be enticed to be a Raw featured artist! 😉 So go to the link below, resister your name and please vote.



Raw Artist Show

Raw Artist Show

Raw Artist Show 2013

Raw Artist Show 2013


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