Golden Lime Eyes Featuring Sugarpill Goldilux

Gold, green, lime eyeshadow

I did this look for a day out at the park. It was a beautiful summer day and I wanted to wear something bright and fun.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Face Primer
Mac Face and Body Foundation

Illamasqua Expose Blush

Too Faced Shadow Insurance to prime lid
Sugarpill Goldilux Chromalust on lid
Sugarpill Acidberry e/s in the crease
Inglot 477 e/s in and above the crease
Mac Rated R e/s in and above the crease
Mac Rose Blanc e/s brow bone
Lise Watier Feline Eyeliner HD on upper lash line
Mac Feline Kohl Eye Pencil Lower lash line
Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara
False Lashes






Giveaway Time!

I’ve been away for the last week, dealing with work had me tired and moody as hell! I just needed some ME time, but I’m on spring break now and I’ve feeling good, relaxed and in a giving mood ūüôā

I got some stuff from Inglot to give away to my fabulous and beautiful subscribers. You all have been so wonderful and thank you for your comments, likes and continued support. You guys keep me going!

Here’s what you can win:

1 Lipstick in 277 (reviewed here), 1 Sleeks Lipgloss in 26 (reviewed here) and 1 face and body pigment in 198 (a shimmery green color)

All products are NEW in box and have NOT been used OR touched.

Here’s the rules: You can enter up to 3 times

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The contest will end at 11:59pm on Monday April 16 and the winner will be announced a few days thereafter.

Please only post ONCE on twitter and facebook, I don’t want to disqualify anyone ūüė¶

That’s it! Good luck to everyone!


Inglot Face and Body Illuminator 62

Inglot Face and Body Illuminator 62

The face and body Illuminator¬†is meant to give¬†your face and body and nice healthy glow and to highlight your best features. Highlighting the face makes you look more lively and healthy. The usual places to highlight on the face are the top of the cheek bones, down the center of the nose, the forehead,¬†chin and cupid’s bow (that center part right above you lip). Anything that shimmers and reflects light is a perfect highlight because the purpose is to make the highlighted area stand out.

The face and body Illuminator¬†is very light and silky smooth and it’s not heavy on the skin. It can be mixed into your foundation and applied for an all over luminous look or applied to a specific area to the face or body. There are 8 different shades to suit the many different skin tones out there. The shades include a golden, a pearl, a bronze, a rose and a copper to name a few. This review is about #62.



Product: This illuminizer¬†is a beautiful golden yellow¬†color. I think this will suit every¬†skintone¬†out there¬†because it looks neutral. It’s yellow to suit warm skin tones but not overly yellow to make cooler skin tones look too fake or too yellow. I can’t stress enough to how smooth this product is. There’s no glitter to this, only sheen. I am not a big glitter fan so I love that I’m not bombarded with glitter when I use this product. The color is really subtle and soft. The product absorbs really fast and because it’s water based it’s not oily or greasy. I like using this on my cheekbones, with or without blush. It brightens the skin making you look more fresh and healthy. This is great if your skin is looking dull for some reason or if you’re tired from partying all night ūüėȬ† I have tried this with my Bare Minerals and it looked nice but too matte. I like how this looks with liquid foundation because it gives that fresh dewy finish. This also looks great to add a bit of shimmer to your eyelids if you’re in a hurry. There are SO many possibilities with this!

A little of this goes a long way. It takes a half pump to highlight one cheek or one full pump for both cheeks so this should last you a long time. It is pretty natural looking and a bit on the sheer side but you can always build it up to make it more noticeable but I prefer a more subtle shimmer. It blends easy too!

This illuminator¬†is similar to Makeup Forever’s Uplight,¬†while it looked pretty and¬†was light on the face I¬† found it to be a bit too glittery for my taste. This is also similar to Smashbox¬†Artificial Light Luminizing¬†Lotion (in terms of texture) which I¬†loved but I would’ve liked to have seen more universal shades, not to mention they are on the expensive side. I do feel that Inglot’s¬†Illuminator has a little less pigment in them.

Packaging:¬†¬†This comes in a relatively short plastic bottle with a pump that doesn’t feel cheap to me. It feels sturdy and doesn’t seem like it would break easy so it’s travel friendly. It stores well and is not very bulky.

Price:$16 for 0.51oz of product. At almost half the price of other liquid illuminizers the Inglot face and body illuminator is a steal. They perform just as well as the higher end brands.


Used under Bare Minerals Foundation


Used under Mac Face and Body Foundation

Final Grade: A

Product: 4/5

Packaging: 5/5


I would try more of these!

Inglot Sleeks Platinum Lip Paint #83


So there’s not that much of¬†a difference between this Sleeks gloss¬†and¬†the previous Sleeks gloss reviewed here. The only thing that is different from the regular Sleeks is that Sleeks platinum has a metallic pearl finish to it. Otherwise the formula is pretty much the same. The texture is creamy and smooth, non sticky and not thick with a¬†delicious scent that makes me crave strawberries! This feels pretty soft on the lips and¬†it¬†added a bit¬†of moisture but I felt the moisture faded after a while, I’d say about after an hour, however it’s¬†not drying.

Sleeks Platinum #83¬†is a peachy coral color with a metallic pearl finish. This one looks more like a gloss to me, leaving a glossy finish on the lips. The coverage is even but the color is pretty sheer.¬†It looks beautiful in the tube and when swatched. On the lips it looks really pretty at first and the color is really apparent¬†but the color faded pretty quickly, I’d say roughly about 2 hours,¬†and I was left with a metallic pearl sheen. I didn’t really care for the metallic sheen. I’d much rather have the color. This is a gloss that you need to keep reapplying throughout the day to keep the color strong.

The wear time of this product was not as long as the regular Sleeks gloss. After about 4 hours of wear the color and the metallic pearl was completely gone. The color was was gone after about 2 hours leaving behind the metallic sheen.

Sleeks Platinum #83 is a pretty unique color because of the metallic finish. I don’t see many (if any)¬†glosses with a metallic sheen to it. I usually see glitter or shimmer. It’s different but I didn’t care too much for this product. When I wear gloss or any lip color, I don’t want to keep reapplying the color to keep it looking fresh. I like the initial color but I don’t like how fast the color fades and the left over metallic sheen makes me look like I’m craving crack! It comes off as ashy on the lips. I think this will suit my lighter skin beauties more than darker skin tones. This might even look good on olive or medium skin ladies but definitely not recommended¬†for my darker skin beauties(NC45 and up).

Quick Review

Product: 3/5-The texture is really smooth and creamy, the formula is not sticky or thick and I love the scent. The color is really pretty however I am not a fan of the metallic finish, which brought my rating down. On the lips I feel like this overpowers the color a bit and the color fades a too fast for my taste.

Packaging: 5/5- The tube is different and it’s really compact. The long application wand makes for easy control when applying the color.

Price: 4/5- Relatively small amount of product when compared to other brands but the price is not as expensive as other brands.

I really¬†like the regular Sleeks gloss, not so much the Platinum gloss ūüė¶¬† I really wanted to like this!

Inglot Lipstick #277



I am happy to review my first Inglot Lipstick for you all today. I don’t see many (or any) Inglot Lipstick reviews but I’ve been wanting to try them. For¬†those who don’t know, I LOVE lipstick! Lipstick was all I used to buy when I was forbidden to wear makeup (in middle school) and I prefer lipstick over lipgloss. ¬†At the makeup show¬†Inglot had a nice variety of lipsticks so it was hard to choose one. This shade was just released so it was on a display separate from the other lipsticks. I was instantly drawn to it and had to have it.

The texture of this lipstick is very smooth and creamy. It applies very well to the lips and gives an even opaque look. The lipstick has the same fruity, strawberry scent that Inglot Sleeks has. I really do love the scent!


The color is¬†a pretty¬†coppery, bronzey¬†red with gold glitter. This color is very similar to the Sleek Lipgloss #26 reviewed here. The only differences¬†are that the gloss¬†has a bit more red in it and¬†obviously has¬†a glossiness¬†that seems to fade over time of wear.¬†The lipstick has more apparent glitter on the lips, is¬†more opaque¬†and wears a bit longer. When the color fades you are left with a nice tint of color on the lips. The lipstick is not drying on the lips but I didn’t¬†notice it being moisturizing either.

(Below are comparisons; (R)-gloss (L)-lipstick)

After about 5 hours the color was still pretty strong and even. The lips weren’t dry nor did they look cakey; you know what it looks like when you’ve been wearing lipstick or gloss all day and it starts to look old and dry. The color lasted a full 8 hours before the color was completely gone.

Quick Review

Product: 5/5- The formula is really creamy and smooth with a nice scent, the lipstick is long lasting and the color is beautiful! This adds so much color to the face.

Packaging: 5/5- A cute sleek black tube that stands up in my lipstick holder! YAY!!

Price: 5/5- $12 for 4.5g/0.16oz of product is actually pretty damn good! With Mac lipsticks you’re paying $14.50 for 3g of product. So you’re getting more with Inglot for a¬†cheaper price.

I am super excited to try out more of Inglot’s lipsticks!!

Inglot Face Blush #43

Inglot Face Blush #43

So this is my first blush from Inglot. They had so many beautiful colors it was hard to choose one. I have so many good blushes already but I was dying to try one for the sake of saying I have tried them and to review.

The formula is really soft and smooth. It feels like butter to the touch. This blush is not chalky and the color is very strong! Super duper pigmented! I applied the color with a fan brush then used a clean blush brush to blend it out..and speaking of, it blends really nicely too.

The color is a very pretty magenta¬†with golden shimmer.¬†Don’t confuse shimmer with glitter because it’s not glittery at all.¬†¬†This color reminds me of Mac Breezy blush, something I’ve been eyeing for some time now, but this packs a lot more punch. It’s Breezy on steroids! It really is gorgeous on the skin. I got lots of compliments wearing this. It looks absolutely stunning on medium to darker skin tones. If used lightly I can see this looking great on lighter skin too! OR just go all out if you want!

The color started to fade after about 6 hours of wear. After about 8 hours of wear there was still a slight flush of color on my cheeks. The tint looked just as beautiful as when first applied.

The cost of these are $12 for 2.5g/0.09oz of product. Mac blushes you get 6g of product for $20. I don’t see myself hitting pan on this anytime soon, even if it is a little less than half product when compared to Mac because you really do need very little to get color.

Quick Review

Product 5/5- The color is super vibrant and beautiful, the texture is soft and smooth and the color lasts a long time after application. You are left with a nice stain of color on your cheeks.

Packaging 5/5- Cute and compact, the top is clear and twists off. The top doesn’t seem to be cheap which is great because that means you can travel with it and it won’t break easily.

Price 4/5- The price is pretty reasonable I think for the product. I really like the formula and the texture of this blush and I love that I didn’t pay 20 bucks or more for this. In theory you don’t get much but you’re only paying 12 bucks for it so I think it’s a winner.

Color Before blending out

Inglot Sleeks Lip gloss #26


This is the first time trying out Inglot’s¬†Lip¬†gloss and I must say I am very pleased with them. I feel like this product is¬†less of a gloss and more of¬†a liquid lipstick. When first applied it looks glossy but later it actually loses some of it’s glossiness (not color) and looks more like a lipstick to me.

This shade, #26, is a coppery red with golden shimmer. It reminds me of a brand new¬†penny in color. It looks beautiful on the lips. It’s so bold and vibrant and it instantly draws attention.


The formula is really opaque and coats the lips really well giving a smooth, even finish. The¬†gloss is not sticky, something I love, and It’s not thick which I find interesting since it gives really great color payoff for a gloss. There are no moisturizing¬†benefits with this gloss. The lip¬†gloss is really creamy when first applied and it feels moisturizing at first but as time goes, not so much. However it is not drying to the lips. There is a light, nice fruity smell to the lip gloss, I want to say like strawberry but the scent is not strong. There is a doe foot applicator to apply the color and the tubes are really cute and slim, hence the product’s namesake. The tubes remind me of test tubes or those vials used in hospitals to take blood. OK, that’s not so cute, but THESE tubes are cute!

Three hours after I applied I still had really strong color and my lips were still smooth. This color lasted about a good 6 hours before fading or drying out without eating or drinking.

The price for these are $10 for 0.2oz of product. That’s not a lot when you compare to Mac (0.14oz at $14.50) or Nars (0.28oz ¬†at @24) but the color is pretty opaque so you don’t need to use a whole lot. I dipped my brush twice into the tube to go over my lips and I got great color. Keeping that in mind, I think its an OK amount for the cost of the product.

Quick Rating:

Product:5/5-¬†Texture is very smooth and non sticky, gives an opaque, even finish and there’s a pleasant scent to it. The color payoff is excellent.

Packaging: 4/5- I really like the packaging for its small and compact. I like the unique tube and the long application stick makes for good control when applying color.

Price: 4/5- I was really iffy about if I thought the price was good for the amount. I really like the formula but you don’t really get that much. Then I had to remember even though I’m not getting as much as other brands, I’m not paying other brand’s prices either. Plus you’re not using a lot of product with each application. So I think its fair amount.I’m really looking forward to trying out more of these in the future!

Inglot Sleeks Lip Gloss 26 w/ Inglot blush 43

Lipgloss 26 w/ blush 43