My New Editions- SugarPill Palettes


So I finally got my hands on some SugarPill Cosmetics! I am so happy and excited to try these out!I just wanted to share my palettes, as old as they are they’re new to me 🙂 If you’ve been reading my posts by now, you already know how I hate buying cosmetics online. So My girl got these two palettes for me at IMATS last weekend! Sugar Pill is known for their bright, bold colors. Their colors and their palettes are gorgeous! They are definitely not for the faint of hearts. When you wear these, you are begging for attention. Now that I have tried their eyeshadows I can’t wait to dive into their loose eyeshadows! It’s like crack and I’m itching!



Sugar Pill Heart Breaker Palette

Mochi is like a aqua green color with some sparkle.
2am is a purple with silver sparkle.
Acidberry is a bright lime green with a hint of yellow to it.
Velocity is a very pigmented blue.


SugarPill Burning Heart Palette

Love+ is a red color.
Poison Plum is a red based purple.
Buttercupcake is a bright yellow color.
Flamepoint is a bright Orange color.

Do you own any products from SugarPill? Do Share!


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