RMS Beauty Samples from Spirit Beauty Lounge


How Cute and Personal is this!?

While doing a search trying to find new cosmetics brands to try out, I came across this brand, RMS Beauty on this website, spiritbeautylounge.com. The site only sells brands that are natural and organic. They are a green, cruelty free site who picks the products they want to sell that meets their criteria of natural, organic, and humane.

The Brand RMS has two products that caught my eye; Their Cream Eyeshadows and Lip2Cheek. Personally I love cream eyeshadows and blushes because they just look so much more natural on the skin. Professionally I really wanted more all around products so I don’t have to lug around so many products.

What I really liked about the site is that they sell samples to try before buying them. I really hate buying products before trying them first, especially if the products are on the pricy side. And when buying online, unless it’s free to return the products(thank you Sephora), it’s really not worth the hassle or the price to return cosmetics, in my opinion. So I thought this was a brilliant way to try these products. For $25, you get 9 samples from any brand sold on the site plus three free samples. I got them today and thought I’d share my goodies. I will test these babies out within the next week or so and do reviews really soon!

The shipping was really quick. I Ordered these late last Thursday night and they came today, Monday!

I was a little disappointed in the sample sizes at first sight because I really want to test them out and get more than 2 uses out of them, 4 at best. But I must say that I used one of the Lip2cheek shades today on my lips and cheek and I really didn’t use a lot of product. So I’m hoping I get a few uses out these! We shall see.  I am so excited! I love trying out new beauty brands!

I got 4 of the cream eyeshadows:


And 5 of the Lip2Cheek:



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