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Skin Authority Super C Serum


With a high, natural Vitamin C content, this serum is used to tighten, tone and brighten the skin. It can be used on the face, neck and eye areas. The vitamin c works to stimulate collagen production to help firm the skin and even out the skin tone. This also claims to boost UV defense when used with a broad spectrum sunscreen. It helps fight hyper-pigmentation, dark circles, crows feel and dull or sagging skin.

I have been using this for a few months, since October or November, and I haven’t looked back. I absolutely love this product. My skin looks and feel very smooth and firm. I haven’t been wearing foundation a lot lately, with the exception of going out, because I don’t feel it necessary. I primarily wear foundation to help even out my skin tone because I can look really pale or blotchy. But now my skin is that smooth and I don’t doubt it. I can’t remember the last time my skin was so smooth and clear! I’m super impressed!

The serum is not oily or sticky and absorbs well into the skin. It’s not oily or greasy, it doesn’t break me out, irritate or burn my skin(not even a little tingle). It comes with a dropper and I only need 2 dots to cover my face. I use another dot of serum for my neck area. Keep the neck nice and firm, you know?


I use it in the day mostly; after I wash my face I apply the super c serum then I apply my Spf or tinted moisturizer  when I wear it. I notice whenever I wear the serum under my tinted moisturizer my skin looks dewy and really healthy.  I have received many compliments on my skin since putting this in rotation. The super c serum with the Skin Authority Accelerating gel is magical!

A+ because it works!

What’s your favorite serum for the skin?


Skin Authority Reviving Eye Brightener


Iv’e been using this gem for over a year now and have no intentions of taking it out of my skin care routine. I even bought my mom a bottle who doesn’t sleep well so you know what that does to the eyes. This is an eye brightening cream that helps with dark circles and eye puffiness. It also helps with fine lines.  With ingredients like Vitamins  E & K, Green Tea, Chamomile, Ginseng, Kinko Biloba who wouldn’t love this? The product is very lightweight, non greasy, non sticky. The cream absorbs really well and leaves around the eye area feeling really soft and bright looking instantly. Over time you can definitely see the brightening effect.


One pump is all you need

I like using this the morning after a long night, or morning. I find that it reduced the puffiness around the eyes. Makeup or concealer glides on when you prep the under eye area with this.  I find it really perfect around this time because the winter, drier months makes my skin really dry and dehydrated and this really does help with the tightness I feel sometimes around my eyes.

I have seen a significant change in the my mom’s dark circles and she doesn’t even use it daily.  I also don’t use it daily, even though I should, but when I do use it frequently my dark circles are almost nonexistent. I don’t have fine lines so I can’t speak on it’s effect for that but I can really see this working because of the ingredients and the fact that the product is really soothing to the eye area.

It lasts a long time since you really only need 1 pump for both sides.

A+ for the Reviving Eye Brightener! It’s magic in a bottle!

What product do you use for dark circles and puffiness?

Skin Authority Calming Mask


Skin Authority Calming Mask


This Face mask from Skin Authority is a clarifying face mask to help exfoliate, clean your pores, calm inflammation and dry blemishes. There’s 10% Sulfur in the mask which is important to dry pimples and pull or suck up oil in the pores. It also helps kill bacteria.

I really like this mask because I find that it does really well in calming my skin if I find that I am starting to break out. If I have a stubborn or painful blemish I put a dab of this on the spot and leave it on for an hour, or I sleep with it, and the pimple goes down or goes away completely.

After I cleanse my skin I apply my mask to dry skin- I like to use this after a hot shower because the pores are open and the mask can get in there and clean out all the debris. I leave it on for about 15 minutes to as long as 25 minutes. I feel a cooling effect and it feels nice. I like that it doesn’t burn or sting.

After the mask my skin doesn’t feel tight and dry. My skin feels clean but a bit moisturized; probably because of the aloe and vitamin E in the product. Those ingredients are moisturizing to the skin without being oily.

Since I have added this to my skin care routine my skin has had less blemishes and has been a bit more balanced; not too oily and not dry. My skin is left feeling and looking smooth, healthy and most of all clean.

Have you used this mask before?
What’s your favorite face mask?




Clean Face After Mask

Black Friday Deal from Skin Authority!

I LOVE Black Friday(I am a shopaholic) because they are always amazing deals everywhere! For me it outshines Thanksgiving…is that weird? I’m always so excited so I don’t mind standing outside in the cold, all night for a good deal. Although i REFUSE  to camp out for days…its not THAT serious. I really do wish more makeup brands had black friday deals(actually maybe that’s good for my wallet that they don’t).

Well Skin Authority has announced an AMAZING black friday deal. Buy one get one free. Enough said!

Skin Authority is arguably one of my favorite skin care brands so I gotta show them lots of love, why? because it WORKS!  And the staff amazing and so helpful! I have reviewed a couple of their products and I will review more within the next week. Hopefully I can find some time with my busy schedule.

You don’t have to stand in the cold for this deal! To participate in the Black Friday Weekend Event beginning at 12:01 a.m. Friday, November 29, visit the Skin Authority website: www.skinauthority.com/blackfriday to begin shopping. Want to shop in person? The website lists participating Skin Authority authorized retail and spa locations and will continue to be updated until Black Friday.

Not sure what to buy? Skin Authority offers specially trained and certified Skin Care Coaches to assist customers in choosing the right products. They listen to needs, help set goals, recommend the best products, and hold your hand throughout the entire process. Skin Care Coaching is free and available in-person at participating retail locations, through the Skin Authority website: www.skinauthority.com/myskincoach or via phone at 1-866-325-7546, option 4.

Stay tuned for more details!

Black Friday deal Skin Authority

My Favorite Skincare Products and Routine


Skincare is a very important routine for anyone. It’s more important than makeup because everyone wants to have healthy, clear skin without makeup. I’ve had horrendous acne in my teens and also in my adult years. I’ve battled the ups and more downs with bad skin and you just don’t feel good when you think you don’t look good.

I’ve probably tried almost every skincare product known to man; OTC, prescription meds, gels and creams, chemical peels, mircrodermabrasions just to name a few expensive things. After years and lots of money, I finally got it right! I have been using the same stuff for over 2 years and I am quite happy with my routine. I do think it’s important to find what works best for your skin and stick with that routine and not keep changing products.

In the morning:
1) I wash my face with Lush Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser
2) *Optional if the weather is hot and sticky or if my skin stills feels a bit oily, I wipe my face with pure Witch Hazel
3) Skin Authority Vit. D Elixir
4) Use Mac Prep and Prime SPF Lotion(if foundation doesn’t have SPF)
5) I apply foundation or tinted moisturizer or I just go bare faced
*If I have a bad pimple or breakout I use the Sulfur Ointment as a spot treatment right after I cleanse and tone for a couple days and then my breakout is gone.
*I also use Lush Grease Lightning gel when I have a stubborn pimple or as a scar treatment.

At Night Before bed:
1) Wash my face with Lush Fresh Farmacy cleanser
2) Lush Ocean salt 2-3 times a week to exfoliate
3) Skin Authority Calming Mask 1-2 times a week; I use Lush Fresh Face Masks every now and again for a little skin treat, especially Cosmetic warrior if my skin is acting up.
4) Skin Authority Accelerating Gel for 1 week then I stop so that I don’t get a tolerance to it.
5) Essential Oils/ when I’m not using the Accelerating gel or if my skin is really dry

Skin Authority Vita D Fortified Illuminating Duo


Skin Authority Vita D Fortified Illuminating Duo


Packaging Info

I received this gift from Skin Authority and I’ve been using this for over 2 months now. I am a huge fan of the Skin Authority brand for they have good ingredients and they are a solid, consistent brand. And the owner of the company, Celeste Hilling, is adorable. I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with her at an event last year and I love her! She really knows her stuff!

This product, VitaD Fortified Illuminating Duo, is very interesting. I’ve never seen a product like this on the market. I am a firm believer in taking care of yourself on the inside to look and feel better on the outside; beauty from within. This product certainly is an advocate for that. Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption, strong bones, and healthy skin. Vitamin D is so important for your bones, teeth and resistance from disease like heart disease and multiple sclerosis among other things.

In the Duo you get a topical elixir that you apply on your face and also a spice powder that you eat or ingest.

First the topical elixir-  “Multi action, lightweight formula provides a topical dose of Vitamin D and essential nutrients to nourish the skin for firm, bright luminosity.”  The elixir is suitable for all skin types, is oil free and extremely lightweight so it absorbs well. The vitamins include vitamins D2, D3, A, E and K. This product is really good to help with firmness and skin texture because of these vitamins. I like using this under my foundation and primer because it really made my skin feel smooth. Although this isn’t a moisturizer or a face primer, I do notice that my skin feels good and glows. And this didn’t make my skin feel or look greasy. 

The Whole Food Spice Powder- “Provides an all-natural, plant-based Vitamin D source in whole food form for more nutritional impact that’s perfect for any diet — including vegan.”   The powder is simply ground portobello mushrooms. This is really good for those who has a deficiency in Vitamin D or who doesn’t get enough  Vitamin D in their diet. When I first opened the powder the scent was a bit overpowering and I thought that would transfer to the taste as well. But it didn’t! There was no strong taste, in fact I couldn’t taste anything. The powder did not change or add any taste to whatever I added it to.  I liked to put the powder in my oatmeal and my smoothie, however you may use the powder with any food, soup, drink or vegetable.

Overall this product is very useful, especially for those who need the extra Vitamin D boost. And it’s so much easier than taking a supplement, which I often forget to do every now and again. It’s still useful for those who just wants to enjoy the benefits of Vitamin D. As far as I know, i am not deficient in Vitamin D but I really liked this product and I certainly do intend to keep using it.

See more photos below 🙂



Spice Powder


Topical Elixir


Spice Powder Ingredients Nutrition Facts


Spice Powder

Skin Authority Resurfacing Accelerator

Last month I went to an event at Naimies that was a launch party for the brand Skin Authority. I’ve never heard of this brand before nor have I read anything about them. Being a skin care, beauty junkie who’s always researching and learning about new brands I thought I’d go and see what this brand was all about. I attended an informative workshop lead by the creator of Skin Authority, Celeste Hilling and learned a lot about general skin care, the brand and their products. Celeste was AMAZING! Super friendly, warm, inviting and just an all around wonderful woman.

The brand is used on movie sets or photo shoots to get quick, instantaneous results. Celeste showed us how quickly the wrinkle serum works by applying the serum on an audience member and there was an instant lift. I was pretty amazed and it’s pretty hard to wow me with these types of demos. I can only imagine how well it works with continuous use.

I didn’t want to get too many products, as tempting as it was, so I decided to try out one product because 1) Naimies doesn’t have the best return policy and I need to be able to return something if it breaks me out or doesn’t work. 2) My skin is really sensitive and temperamental, it doesn’t like a lot of different products. SO I settled on the Resurfacing Accelerator. This product spoke to me more than any of the others because I have been struggling with discoloration from acne scars for some time now and it seems like nothing works to get rid of them for good.

Company Description: “This powerful, exfoliating gel derived from sugar cane accelerates the body’s natural cellular turnover cycle to improve rough, scarred, dry or dull skin caused by aging, acne, or sun damage. Regular use helps smooth rough texture and brightens treated areas. Glycolic Acid 15%, pH 3.69.”

Product: The main ingredients in this product are Glycolic Acid (Exfoliates skin and lowers its pH to increase absorption of topical applications and helps reduce oil and bacteria), Epilobium Angustifolium/Canadian Willowherb Extract (Reduces irritation and inflamation without steroids. Helps kill p. acnes bacteria) and Allantoin (soothes and hydrates
dry, irritated skin). This product is specific for those who suffer from dull or uneven skin tone, wrinkles and/or oily skin. It’s a clear gel that sinks instantly into the skin. Once applied the skin tingles a bit, more than likely because of the glycolic acid eating away at the surface skin. Celest Hilling, the creator and founder of Skin Authority, described this product as “an overnight peel” and I can definitely agree with that. I’ve gotten many peels during my acne struggles and what I don’t like about peels at spas or at the dermatologist is that the skin gets really red and there’s lots of peeling and flaking involved. I mean the end results of a peel is fabulous but the between stages of a peel is anything but.

What’s brilliant about this product is that the skin doesn’t flake or “peel”. I also didn’t get that tight, or dry feeling that usually comes with a facial or chemical peel. My skin feels very comfortable using this product. You apply this right before bed and overnight it works its magic. 15% glycolic acid is usually the norm that dermatologists use for their peels but this product isn’t harsh on the skin at all. I had no adverse reaction to this product and this is coming from someone who gave up on glycolic acid products because they always broke me out! This product seemed to suck up the oil on my skin and balance me out while not being too over drying. And of course, like with all glycolic acid products, its important to apply SPF daily. Even if the forecast is overcast, you must wear protection or your skin will darken.

I saw a change in my skin the next day. The dark spots weren’t gone but my skin tone seemed brighter and tighter without that tight, dry feeling. As the days passed the results kept getting better! Today, a little over a month of use, my skin is brighter and tighter and I don’t feel like I need to wear foundation everyday because of an uneven skin tone and discoloration. I am in love with this product and I will probably be using this forever! I am excited to try other products from the brand.

Price: $21 – $50 depending on what size you get. They come in two sizes; 0.7 FL oz and 1.7 FL oz. A little goes a long way. One pump is all I need for my entire face so this should last you at least 2-3 months.

Where to buy: http://www.skinauthority.com; http://www.naimies.com

Final Grade: A+

Product: 5/5


Not wearing makeup


Today after roughly one month of use. wearing no makeup! Only Moisturizer.