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Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit

I have been trying to get my hands on some Sigma Brushes ever since my makeup sister Tasha was raving about them. But being someone who really despise buying things online if I haven’t tried them first, I never got anything. But I Lucked up! Sigma was at IMATS this year, actually selling things! I’ve gone the last two years and they weren’t selling anything…I’m not sure what their point was to be there but I digress. I missed IMATS this year but luckily my girl went and got me some goodies!

These brushes are so soft and full! They really are like magic. They blend to a flawless finish which I think is because the hairs are cut evenly with no strays. The hairs are perfectly symmetrical. There’s no shedding of the hairs which is something that’s important in buying makeup brushes because that ensures their longevity. Each set comes with four brushes that are pretty damn good quality. The price point for the Kabuki Kit is $56, that’s about $14 per brush;  Precision Kit is $49, about 12.25 per brush; and if you were to get all 8 brushes you’ll pay $99 for both sets that’s about $12 per brush. And if just one or two brushes spark your interest, you can buy them individually. Here’s a break down of the brushes and their uses. Keep in mind, like most brushes you can use them however you like. The precision brushes are for the face but I have used them on my eyes also and they work beautifully!

Sigma Synthetic Kabuki Kit:

Flat Kabuki (F80) Excellent for applying liquid or cream products to the face. Blends liquid and cream foundations flawlessly!

Round Kabuki (F82) Good for mineral foundation but I really like this as a blush brush; cream or powder.

Angled Kabuki (F84) Good for contouring like most angled brushes but I like it for blush or bronzer.

Tapered Kabuki (F86) Good for contouring and highlighting the face.

Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit:

Precision Flat (P80) I Love this brush to apply concealer under the eyes.

Precision Round (P82) Good to apply eye shadow base or primer onto the lid. Also good for blending eyeshadow.

Precision Angled (P84) Also used to apply product to the eyes and to areas such as the sides of the nose and the hollows of the cheeks.

Precision Tapered (P86) Good for exact placement of concealer in harder to reach areas such as around the eyes and nose, chin, and around the mouth.

I feel I will get a lot of usage out of these brushes and now that I have tried Sigma I don’t feel skeptical about buying more online! I will definitely be trying more of Sigma Brushes!

Final Grade A

Do you have any brushes from Sigma? Do share your experiences!


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