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Black Friday Deal from Skin Authority!

I LOVE Black Friday(I am a shopaholic) because they are always amazing deals everywhere! For me it outshines Thanksgiving…is that weird? I’m always so excited so I don’t mind standing outside in the cold, all night for a good deal. Although i REFUSE  to camp out for days…its not THAT serious. I really do wish more makeup brands had black friday deals(actually maybe that’s good for my wallet that they don’t).

Well Skin Authority has announced an AMAZING black friday deal. Buy one get one free. Enough said!

Skin Authority is arguably one of my favorite skin care brands so I gotta show them lots of love, why? because it WORKS!  And the staff amazing and so helpful! I have reviewed a couple of their products and I will review more within the next week. Hopefully I can find some time with my busy schedule.

You don’t have to stand in the cold for this deal! To participate in the Black Friday Weekend Event beginning at 12:01 a.m. Friday, November 29, visit the Skin Authority website: www.skinauthority.com/blackfriday to begin shopping. Want to shop in person? The website lists participating Skin Authority authorized retail and spa locations and will continue to be updated until Black Friday.

Not sure what to buy? Skin Authority offers specially trained and certified Skin Care Coaches to assist customers in choosing the right products. They listen to needs, help set goals, recommend the best products, and hold your hand throughout the entire process. Skin Care Coaching is free and available in-person at participating retail locations, through the Skin Authority website: www.skinauthority.com/myskincoach or via phone at 1-866-325-7546, option 4.

Stay tuned for more details!

Black Friday deal Skin Authority


Finally Home, Oh How I Have Missed You!

So I’ve been on vacation in Las Vegas for the last 4 days(plus like three days of prep and packing) for a girls weekend with friends. I had so much fun with very little sleep and a pretty long drive back to LA last night so I haven’t been able to respond to comments and I’m catching up on reading posts and such. I apologize for responding late to comments and posts.

I did some good makeup looks, got my partying in and got to do some shopping. I’m not a gambler, with the exception of a little blackjack here and there, but I am definitely a shopper and shopping I did! There’s just something so exciting about shopping in another state, city country, etc. Seeing a different store setup, if they have something different from your store at home or whatever. Does anyone else feel that way or am I just crazy? 🙂
Today and possibly tomorrow are my recovery days and then I can get back in rotation but here’s a little preview of the goodies I’m most excited for.

At the Sephora in Caesars Palace I got to use my 15% VIB coupon to get Nars Wonder lipgloss and Sephora brand lipstick in Tangerine Tango.

At Mac I got 2 of the new Extra Dimension Mineralized Skinfinishes in Glorify and Supurb. I am so excited for these. Can’t wait to test and review these babies for you guys!

Here are a few highlights from Vegas!!





Hope you all had a fabulous weekend, Easter, Passover…all that good stuff!

There’s still time to enter the Inglot giveaway.

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Stay Beautiful!

Illamasqua free international &UK shipping!


Happy hauling!!!

Celebrate your alter ego this weekend with FREE UK & international delivery on all orders. Available across the full Illamasqua range, including the new Human Fundamentalism collection, it is the perfect opportunity to push your limits with a bold new shade and create your new springtime look.

FREE UK Standard Delivery: Enter promotion code: UK2012

FREE International Delivery when you spend £45: Enter promotion code: INTER45

Both offers end at Midnight GMT Sunday 1st April.

Makeup Show LA Preview!

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SOOOO, I finally have some time to do some writing! What a busy, fabulous weekend! Friday night was spent working on the play production of Once on this Island and Saturday with St. Patty’s Day and the Makeup Show LA!

Makeup Show was a fabulous show, well organized, great speakers and seminars and just so much fun! For those who don’t know, the Makeup Show is a makeup convention where makeup brands sell their products for as little as 30% off to as much as 60% off their prices. Vendors included Makeup Forever, Inglot, Kevyn Aucion, Smashbox, Naimes, Nigel’s, OCC, Alcone and so many more. It’s a great way to network, learn what’s new in the beauty-shere and of course buy products for your profession or your obsession. I bought a lot of good products (Inglot was my favorite spot), some stuff for my makeup kit and stuff I wanted to try out for my personal stash. I didn’t really take as many pictures as I would have liked but I was too busy buying stuff 🙂 I didn’t get to see a lot of the panels I wanted to see and I didn’t take advantage of the Professional Resource area like I wanted to, so I’m a bit bummed. I was just so overwhelmed. Next year for sure I’ll have a much better game plan.

I liked the Makeup Show so much better than IMATS because Makeup Show is Pro (and students) only and yes they definitely ask for proof.  IMATS is open to everyone and it’s just ridiculously and uncomfortably crowded. Every year brings more people. IMATS is bigger and has more vendors like MAC, Sugar Pill and NYX to name a few but honestly for me they were not missed because there was so much more to choose from. Makeup Show was a lot more intimate, I didn’t have to stand in line for hours to get my stuff, I could actually move around and I got to see a few seminars. Every vendor at the Makeup Show is at IMATS so yeah, big thumbs up for the Makeup Show LA. I might actually pass on IMATS this year…maybe 😉

So here are a few pictures from the show I’d like to share. Product Reviews are definitely coming soon (whenever I find the time to test products and write) and a more detailed look at my stuff. I’m just so tired and want to relax right now with St. Patty’s day last night….yeah just know it was a good night. AND I had class this morning so I’m exhausted! Hope you enjoy!

Spring is just around the corner!

So I’m doing something a bit different today, other than a makeup or beauty post!

Despite the fact that a storm is coming to LA this weekend and putting a damper on my St. Patty’s day AND Makeup show festivities, when you go to the malls it’s undeniable that Spring is nearing. There are bright colors everywhere and pretty dresses, airy tops and tanks have replaced sweaters and coats on the racks. Apart from Fall (because its boots season) Spring is probably my favorite season because of all the beautiful colors in nature and in stores. You’re just naturally inclined so gravitate to all the beauty and bright colors.

My mom dragged me to the mall, knowing I’m trying to save money for spring break in Vegas and the Makeup Show. She says “You’ll be fine! Just learn some self control and don’t spend any money”. Says the woman who has over 30 pairs of shoes, a collection of Coach, and Dooney handbags and has only worn them a few times. She wonders where my shopping addiction comes from. I swear she buys something just because its on sale! Ah, my loving mother.

Anyhow, I’m trying to be good and just follow her lead since she wants, go figure, another pair of shoes. We pass Bakers and the cutest pair of shoes catch my eyes! Perfect for Spring, especial for spring break with the outfit I want to wear. I love Bakers because they carry cute shoes that are pretty comfy in size 11’s and they are cheaper alternatives to Aldo or Nordstrom. I just couldn’t resist these shoes. I tried them on and I was instantly in love. So of course I buy them because I have issues! LOL. NO self control what so ever.
So here they are! I am so excited to wear these babies!






Nars Desire Blush



I’ve been on a Nars kick lately. I’ve been going through my makeup and I’m falling in love with certain products again. So here we go again!!

Nars Desire Blush is described as a delicate bright pink. It’s like a cotton candy pink. This blush is good to give a nice pink flush to the cheeks. This blush shows beautifully as a nice ‘baby it’s cold outside’ or a ‘I just had a great workout’ flush. For my medium to darker skin beauties, don’t think this won’t work for you because it’s pink. I was one who used to think, ‘well it’s pink it’s only for lighter skin ladies’. On the contrary, because it’s not a pale pink, this is GORGEOUS on you as well! Used lightly it adds great color to liven up the skin. Another gorgeous blush from Nars, worth the splurge if you’re looking for one!

This blush is matte so there’s not a trace of shimmer in it. Although it’s matte it’s not chalky. It’s so smooth and super pigmented, like most of Nars’ powder blushes. Because it’s high in pigment a light hand is needed. Apply the blush lightly then build it up to your desire(no pun intended). It’s so much easier to add color than to take color away.

I wore this color for about 5 hours before I noticed it starting to fade. There was still color present, like a stain, but not as strong as when I first applied. The stain looks pretty actually.  About 2 hours later, 7 hours in all, there was a little less color, almost non-existent.


Quick Review:

Product: 5 stars; the texture and feel of this blush is beautiful and smooth. The brighness of the blush gives a brightness to the skin and the pigmentation is excellent.  The wear time is also nice, roughly about 7-8 hours before the blush was completely gone. Pretty damn good for a powder blush!

Packaging: 5 stars; cute and compact packaging that can be stored easily. Not bulky. And with the handy mirror It’s good if you need to apply in a pinch.

Price: 3 1/2 stars; the price goes up a bit too often for my taste. I thought the blushes were a good value when they were $26 but now, at $28, not so much. It’s excellent but I don’t think they need to be so expensive. The more hype they get the more they go up. Really nice if you’re looking to spend some money. I’ll wait for the sales!

Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer


Have you ever left the house to go someplace (work, a night out dancing, drinks with the girls etc.) with fresh makeup, then notice by the middle of the day or evening that those dark or red spots that you covered up earlier are starting to peak through? Yes, the foundation you use could be to blame but more than likely the foundation is fading because there’s nothing for the foundation to hold on to. Foundation primer is important to help create an even canvas for the foundation and to keep your makeup from melting off mid-day.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer is suitable for oily skin. It’s water based so it is light and sinks right into the skin leaving the skin completely matte without any shine. When I wear this primer my skin doesn’t breakout. It’s doesn’t feel heavy or greasy and it feels good on the skin. When you wear foundation all day, some people (not all) tend to breakout either because of the foundation formula or because you have nothing between your skin and your foundation. Like most products you put on your face and body, foundation is being absorbed into the skin. Primer helps protect the skin by creating a barrier so the foundation doesn’t sit on the skin or in the pores.

There are arguments for and against foundation primers. Some believe it’s a gimmick and it’s not needed at all, others believe it’s necessary. I’m on the fence on whether it’s really needed or not and there are some primers I have tried that didn’t do anything but weigh on my skin and/or break me out. However, this primer feels like it’s doing something! Whether or not it’s really protecting my skin I LOVE the way my foundation looks on top of this primer. My skin looks even and flawless. I can use my Chanel Mat Lumier or my MAC Face and Body and I’ll love what I see. I see a major difference when compared to moisturizers as far as how my foundation looks and how long it lasts. Maybe because moisturizers are used to moisturize the skin and it slides about the face throughout the day. My oily skin doesn’t feel or look super shiny after wearing this primer for a few hours (just a bit of shine-hey, I didn’t say it’s a miracle worker).

The price is pretty expensive, $30 at Sephora and Macy’s and Nordstroms counters for 1.7 fl.oz, it is a splurge. But when compared to Makeup Forever Primers you only get 1.01 oz. for $32. So here’s my tip: I only use this primer for the evening, special occasions or when I know I need my makeup to last longer than usual. Moisturizers I use daily because of the SPF and because I’m only going to work so it’s ok if my makeup starts to fade a bit by 1pm. My day is almost over by that time anyhow. One tube lasts me for at least 2 months at this rate. I only use 4 dots; on my forehead, cheeks and chin because a little goes a long way. Get a sample of this at Sephora or any counter before trying and let me know if you’re pleasantly surprised!

Final Ratings:

Product (texture, feel, wear time): 5 stars because it’s excellent all around. I use it religiously!

Packaging (ease of use) : 5 stars because you just squeeze it out. Simple enough!

Price: 4 stars because I love it and I feel it’s worth it but you really do have to use it sparingly.