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Skin Authority Reviving Eye Brightener


Iv’e been using this gem for over a year now and have no intentions of taking it out of my skin care routine. I even bought my mom a bottle who doesn’t sleep well so you know what that does to the eyes. This is an eye brightening cream that helps with dark circles and eye puffiness. It also helps with fine lines.  With ingredients like Vitamins  E & K, Green Tea, Chamomile, Ginseng, Kinko Biloba who wouldn’t love this? The product is very lightweight, non greasy, non sticky. The cream absorbs really well and leaves around the eye area feeling really soft and bright looking instantly. Over time you can definitely see the brightening effect.


One pump is all you need

I like using this the morning after a long night, or morning. I find that it reduced the puffiness around the eyes. Makeup or concealer glides on when you prep the under eye area with this.  I find it really perfect around this time because the winter, drier months makes my skin really dry and dehydrated and this really does help with the tightness I feel sometimes around my eyes.

I have seen a significant change in the my mom’s dark circles and she doesn’t even use it daily.  I also don’t use it daily, even though I should, but when I do use it frequently my dark circles are almost nonexistent. I don’t have fine lines so I can’t speak on it’s effect for that but I can really see this working because of the ingredients and the fact that the product is really soothing to the eye area.

It lasts a long time since you really only need 1 pump for both sides.

A+ for the Reviving Eye Brightener! It’s magic in a bottle!

What product do you use for dark circles and puffiness?