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Pro Brush Soap by Enkore/ Koren Zander


Pro Brush Soap in Lemon and Cantaloupe

I purchased these little gems at the Makeup Show thanks to a friend who tried it and loves it. The price was right at 6 bucks plus we got a deal at that show when buying more than 2.


Cantaloupe…YUM!! I wanna eat it!

First off, these soaps smell so GOOD! There are different scents but I got Cantaloupe and Lemon. No kidding, when I got home and opened my bag, my bag smelled of cantaloupe! Yummy!  The Lemon scent is more faint and Cantaloupe is pretty strong but I like it so I don’t mind. The associate working said that the soap should last on average about 3 months. But of course it all depends on how often you use it. It probably won’t last that long if you use this daily; Probably about 2 months. I would only deep clean my brushes once a week and/or before I do a job. Other than that I use a Paritan Spirit brush cleaner or my Mac Cleaner for a quick clean.


The back, scrubbing loofa…As you can see I’ve been scrubbing!

There is the soap on one side and like a scrubbing loofah on the other side which I love because my hands get so raw sometimes when I swipe the brushes on my hands to clean them. I used to use a towel but I don’t like doing laundry 😉

My brushes don’t smell like the soap at all after I rinse them. And the soap lathers really well to give you a good cleanse. One thing I used to get when I would clean my brushes with baby shampoo, I would get suds in my brush. And I would get clean water all in the brushes and I would swish them in a bowl of clean water and the suds were still there. I didn’t get that with this soap. So I am very pleased with this buy. There are also oils in the soap that is supposed to help condition and not dry out your brushes. I wish I had bought more! Next time for sure! Good buy!

How do you clean your makeup brushes?