Smashbox Artificial Light Illuminizing Lotion- Glow


I’ve been wanting to purchase this product since I received a sample of this some time ago. I really love this product because, as the name says, it gives the face a really beautiful glow. I am such a fanatic when it comes to highlighting products; powders, creams, liquids, you name it I love it! But of course only if it feels good and looks great. These come in 3 different shades, one ideal for just about every skin color.


Glow is a bronzey golden highlight lotion, although don’t get turned off by the word ‘lotion’ because the texture is very lightweight and it’s not oily or greasy. I have really oily skin and this didn’t make me oily. The product is shimmery but not glittery. I don’t like glittery highlighting products because it doesn’t look natural. On a normal day we don’t just spontaneously break out into glitter(unless you’re a Twilight Vampire). The products have  ingredients.


I like to use this mixed with my foundation. One pump of Glow and my foundation gives a beautiful finish. The name definitely suits the product. For fair skinned beauties this is nice as a bronzer though I wouldn’t mix it with your foundation unless you are going for the bronzed look. It’s perfect for that, otherwise I would recommend using it on the cheeks as a bronzer. For darker skinned beauties this gives a natural, healthy look. You may also add this to your moisturizer or sunblock. There are numerous possibilities with this products which is why i really love it. It’s great for makeup artists and for the run of the mill makeup addict!

I’m a little sadden because I feel like this might be getting discontinued because this product is no longer on the Smashbox website nor is it carried in Sephora but I did find it on other websites like Nordstrom and Amazon. So I really hope it’s not being discontinued 😦 I might have to buy backups just in case!


Wearing Artificial Light mixed with my foundation



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