Skin Authority Vita D Fortified Illuminating Duo


Skin Authority Vita D Fortified Illuminating Duo


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I received this gift from Skin Authority and I’ve been using this for over 2 months now. I am a huge fan of the Skin Authority brand for they have good ingredients and they are a solid, consistent brand. And the owner of the company, Celeste Hilling, is adorable. I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with her at an event last year and I love her! She really knows her stuff!

This product, VitaD Fortified Illuminating Duo, is very interesting. I’ve never seen a product like this on the market. I am a firm believer in taking care of yourself on the inside to look and feel better on the outside; beauty from within. This product certainly is an advocate for that. Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption, strong bones, and healthy skin. Vitamin D is so important for your bones, teeth and resistance from disease like heart disease and multiple sclerosis among other things.

In the Duo you get a topical elixir that you apply on your face and also a spice powder that you eat or ingest.

First the topical elixir-  “Multi action, lightweight formula provides a topical dose of Vitamin D and essential nutrients to nourish the skin for firm, bright luminosity.”  The elixir is suitable for all skin types, is oil free and extremely lightweight so it absorbs well. The vitamins include vitamins D2, D3, A, E and K. This product is really good to help with firmness and skin texture because of these vitamins. I like using this under my foundation and primer because it really made my skin feel smooth. Although this isn’t a moisturizer or a face primer, I do notice that my skin feels good and glows. And this didn’t make my skin feel or look greasy. 

The Whole Food Spice Powder- “Provides an all-natural, plant-based Vitamin D source in whole food form for more nutritional impact that’s perfect for any diet — including vegan.”   The powder is simply ground portobello mushrooms. This is really good for those who has a deficiency in Vitamin D or who doesn’t get enough  Vitamin D in their diet. When I first opened the powder the scent was a bit overpowering and I thought that would transfer to the taste as well. But it didn’t! There was no strong taste, in fact I couldn’t taste anything. The powder did not change or add any taste to whatever I added it to.  I liked to put the powder in my oatmeal and my smoothie, however you may use the powder with any food, soup, drink or vegetable.

Overall this product is very useful, especially for those who need the extra Vitamin D boost. And it’s so much easier than taking a supplement, which I often forget to do every now and again. It’s still useful for those who just wants to enjoy the benefits of Vitamin D. As far as I know, i am not deficient in Vitamin D but I really liked this product and I certainly do intend to keep using it.

See more photos below 🙂



Spice Powder


Topical Elixir


Spice Powder Ingredients Nutrition Facts


Spice Powder


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