OCC Lip Tar Anime


OCC Lip Tar Anime


I Love bright lip colors and I love this shade of lip tar even more! it’s so bright and bold, it’s so my style. The color is a bright pink color. The texture is really smooth and blends beautifully. I really liked this for the summer and even though summer is just about over it’s still a lovely color to wear year round. I will surely wear this in October, January and March if i want to.

The color is long wearing mostly because it is so bright that it stains the lips as it starts to fade. So you are left with a nice lip stain if the color fades. I prefer to use lip tars with a lip pencil if I want to wear this all day because I notice that the brighter and darker shades tend to bleed. So a lip pencil, or putting a primer on the lips or concealer around the corners of your lips will stop the color from bleeding.

I really like Lip Tars, especially if you’re a makeup artist because they are compact and doesn’t take up much space, they can be mixed and customized to create your own color and they will last forever because you really only need a tiny amount. For best application, apply with a stiff lip brush. That’s my only gripe with lip tars, you need a brush. I’m an on the go type a girl and I just don’t keep a lip brush in my purse. But overall I am a fan of Lip Tars. They offer a wide variety of shades and they are of good quality.

**What do you think of OCC Anime? Do you own this shade?


wearing Anime Lip Tar with a bit of Narcissus Lip Tar in the center to hightlight



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