Makeup Forever Flash Colors

Makeup Forever Flash Colors

L-R- 13,25,38,01,19

Makeup Forever Flash Colors

12, 13, 25, 38,

So a couple of weeks ago I went to the Makeup Forever Launch for their new flash colors seen here. I don’t own the original flash color palette but it has been on my wish list for some time now for my kit.

At the event I got to play with the flash colors palettes and the new individual shades and I really liked the texture of the products. These cream colors may be used anywhere on the body from eyeshadow and lip color to body painting. So I was really intrigued in trying these products. Seeing the artists using these in demos also inspired me. They created some really beautiful, funky works of art. You may see photos on my Facebook page and instagram to the left. Please subscribe 🙂

I really do like the texture of these for they are smooth and blend really well. I used these shades on the eyes, on the cheeks, on the lips and I used the dark brown, 39, as a very natural face contour. These babies are so versatile and they really are beneficial for every makeup artist. You could really just use these for all your models during a shoot or show because you may mix and match shades to customize colors and use everywhere, head to toe. I love how they look and these would be great for fashion makeup or editorial makeup looks. The look gives a nice glossy, wet look to the face, or where ever you use them. Of course they can be set with any kind of powder product. My advice when using these on the eyes is to use an eyeshadow primer first because they could slip and move and they are really creamy. These aren’t meant to wear all day but the primer will help the wear time last longer. I personally like the glossy look especially when using for a shoot. But as always you may build up the color and textures.

When used on the lips they were just as creamy and they were not drying at all. It really felt like a lipstick. It felt nice, not drying but not hyrdrating either. As noted, it’s not meant to be worn all day. However on the lips I do believe they last really long. I didn’t get any bleeding or fading in the 4 hours I wore it. And again you may mix shades to customize.

***What do you think of the flash Colors? Would you use them and How?

Makeup Forever Flash Color Swathes

Swatches L-R= 39,19,01,38,25,13,12

Here are a few shades I have added to my kit:

39 dark brown- I love this shade as a contour for the face

19 bronze- Looks lovely on the eyes. Great as a base over a primer for longer lasting wear.

01 wine/ dark red- I love this shade as a blush color and a lip color

38 teal- Beautiful teal shade that looks so great with the yellow flash color. If you’re into teal lips, go for it!

25 bright pink- This looks lovely as a blush and lip color

13 yellow- this is such a vibrant yellow and would look great in editorial looks

12 orange- Orange is orange! Great for any use; eyes, lips, cheeks. This is a nice vibrant orange.

Makeup Forever Flash Color on lips

Used on the lips= 01 on top; 25 on bottom


01 on top; 25 on bottom


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