Crown Brush- My Personal Favorites


My Favorite Brushes from Crown

I love a good makeup brush. More so I love a good, inexpensive makeup brush. Every IMATS or Makeup Show I NEED to stop by Crown Brush to stock up on my favorites and see what they might have new in stock. They are really inexpensive and some are really good quality, others not so much. With prices like $5, $7 or $10 for some good brushes, how can one not stock up?  I am particularly fancy the eye brushes because they are really good dupes for a lot of Mac or Sigma brushes. They are synthetic brushes and get the job done. The quality is par considering the prices. Here are some of my favorites that I use daily at home and in my kit. I own multiple of these babies and I could always use more 🙂



C204 Red sable Oval- A flat shader brush I use to pack on eyeshadow. I also like using this for cream eyeshadows or pigments because it is synthetic. It is really soft and dense.

C205 Red Sable Oval- The smaller version of the C204 I like to use to get in the smaller areas like the crease and the inner corners of the eye. Because of the pointed round tip, I also like to use this as a smudge brush and/or as a lip brush. I own a few of these.

C433 Pro Blending Fluff-An exact dupe to the Mac 217 blending brush. I love, love this brush and I own quite a few of these. They are super soft, blend beautifully and they don’t shed.


Mac pencil Brush vs. Crown Pencil Brush

C431 Precision Detail- A Dupe to the Mac 210 brush. The crown brush is a bit more thicker but I don’t mind the thickness. I use this for detail work in the crease and to smudge shadows, liner, etc.

C149 Small Round Contour- I like this one for detailing work on the lash lines or in the crease.

Crown has brushes that are dupes(They have no names or numbers) to the Sigma Precision Eye and Face brushes. I only got the dupe to the P80 Precision Flat brush. I like it and it serves it’s purpose. The Sigma brush is fuller and more dense. I like using this for concealer and/or to apply cream eyeshadow.


Crown Brush vs. Sigma P80 Brush

Crown has a brush(with no name or number) that is a dupe to the Mac 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush. I believe the Mac brush is more dense but again this one serves it’s purpose well. I kike using this brush for any cream product, especially blush and highlight. When I use this for foundation I find that it streaks a bit, probably because the brush isn’t as dense.


Dupe for Mac 130 Brush


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