La Femme Blushes


La Femme Blushes in Z-Palette

I purchased these little gems from for 2.87 each. These are for the pans only so you can customize into a z-palette or a pro palette of your choice. They also come in cases for 3.50 each. Still a major deal considering how well these perform. These gems are so pigmented. I just dab the tip of my brush in the pan and I get so much color; enough for both cheeks. They blend really easy and they aren’t chalky. The texture is super smooth and they have a good range of matte shades and shimmer shades for every skin color. They are just beautiful. They can also be used as an eyeshadow, AND scrape off some powder, mix with some gloss; you got yourself a nice lip gloss. I am in love! The price can not be beat. It’s such a great addiction to any makeup artist’s kit or just to have in your personal arsenal. I WANT MORE!!!

I used them recently on a shoot and I was very satisfied with their performance. I think they last so much longer when layered over a cream blush.  I did notice some fading after about 4 to 5 hours of wear. I was very satisfied with the website, for my package came really quick and the shipping wasn’t ridiculous.

Top row- Red, orange, peach, sienna, lilac champagne

Middle row- coral, Indian Rose, flamingo pink, terracotta, golden sunset

Bottom Row- golden rose, purple passion

My personal favorites are Red, Terracotta, Indian Rose, Golden Rose.

**Do you own any La Femme Blushes? Which would you recommend?


Red, Orange, Peach, Sienna, Lilac Champange


Coral, Indian Rose, Flamingo Pink, Terracotta, Golden Sunset


Golden Rose, Purple Passion


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