Illamasqua Cream Blush Brazen



How Gorgeous is this?!

I am such a huge fan of Illamasqua’s cream blush. It’s such a shame that Sephora doesn’t carry all of them. They have some beautiful shades on the Illamasqua site. And it’s a damn shame they don’t have a store in the US! Get on that Illamasqua!!

Brazen is a gorgeous red. It looks scary but I’ve never been one to be scared of a little color. I only need a dab of this to get a nice, natural flush. It looks so natural! When I, and most medium to darker skinned beauties with red in their skin, blush (yes we do blush), or exercise we turn red…not pink. Although I do love a nice pick blush, this looks so natural on darker skin. It looks gorgeous!
The blush blends beautifully and it isn’t sticky or oily. It doesn’t add oil to the skin or make it look oily but it leaves the skin dewy and healthy looking. I just dab one dot of this on my cheeks with my fingers and blend either with my fingers or a buffing blush. First use I made the mistake of applying too much(I looked like I had a bad sunburn-LOL) and I just diffused the color with some powder. And because its a cream, it can be worn in the lips in a pinch or if you’re traveling. I love multitasking products!! I wore this all day with minimal fading by the time I washed my face.

Have you tried any cream blushers from Illamasqua?




Wearing Brazen



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