Mac Brazenly Eyeshadow- Look and Event Photots


Mac Brazenly Eyeshadow

I picked this new eyeshadow from Mac’s nudes and metallics collection that launched with the baking beauties, extra dimension collections. Mac just puts way too much stuff out at once and it drives me nuts!!  And I wasn’t exactly impressed with Baking Beauties or Extra Dimension. Anyhow, I went to the Baking Beauties pre launch party a week ago and I wanted a couple other shades from the nudes collection but they sold out before I could checkout and then I was over it when it launched last Thursday.

Did you pick up anything from any of these launches?

A couple of pictures from the party.

Check put my instagram and Facebook pages for more cool photos of the event:


Mac Baking Beauties Pre Launch Party


Super Classy- Like only Mac knows how! Cheers!

But I did get my hands on this eyeshadow shade, Brazenly, which is a beautiful, vibrant plum shade. I immediately fell in love with this. There’s some sheen, not a lot of glitter which I like in my shadows. The Nudes and Metallics stuff was quite nice, some were dupable(I forgot the names but Coppering and Cranberry were easy dupes for 2 shadow shades).

In this look I paired Brazenly eyeshadow with Coppering and I really liked how it came together. On my cheeks I broke out my Mac Amazon Princess. I forgot how much I love that blush!


Mac Brazenly with Mac Coppering Eyeshadow




It was a easy look I did for another MAC pro event featuring work from celebrity makeup artist Val Garland.
Here are some pictures. Check out my instagram and facebook pages to see more pictures. It was a beautiful, creative, and inspiring installation of work!

Instagram- lady_d_makeup

Facebook info on the side bar.

Ciao for now!


Installation of Makeup artist Val Garland


Simple yet Bold and Eye catching


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