Illamasqua Magnetism Lipstick


Magnetism Lipstick



LOVE LOVE LOVE this lipstick! I haven’t tried Illamasqua lipsticks because when I was testing them in Sephora I felt they would be a bit dry for me and they are all matte.

So I finally just decided to give them a try since they do have lovely colors. So this shade is SUPER creamy, Kind of like a Mac Amplified(my favorite lipstick finish ever), and super pigmented. I think this might be the only Illamasqua lipstick that isn’t matte…? (I could be wrong). Magnetism is a beautiful raspberry shade, I think will look gorgeous on everyone. The color and the texture is just to die for. I love these types of textures and I hope Illamasqua has more colors with this finish or if not, they make more!

I wore this lipstick about 4 hours before it started fading away. The 4 hours I wore this, I forgot I was wearing lipstick. No dry feeling. And I love the packaging on this lipstick.

I ordered this on the Illasmasqua site and I must say their Customer service, even being international, was an A+. For international, my order came quickly, they have frequent deals (buy 2 lipsticks get 1 free, etc) and they offered me a full size freebie when I hit a price point, some things I wish Mac would do. But I guess when you’re products sell out in a matter of hours the first day, they don’t need to do things like that. But I digress; I’m a huge fan of Illamasqua, particularly their blushers, and I will definitely be broadening my collection with their products so that I may “Embrace my alter ego”- LOVE THAT!!

Do you have any Illamasqua Lipsticks? What would you recommend?


Magnetism Lipstick



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