Mac Prep & Prime Face Protect SPF 50


I really like this product because it’s not a heavy feeling SPF so it’s great for oily skin people like myself. It absorbs really quick into the skin so you’re not left with an oily feeling. This isn’t a moisturizer so if you’re looking for that, keep looking. It is just an SPF product.

I wouldn’t necessarily use this as a primer though. I primarily use this as a SPF. Most SPF formulas break me out or make me really oily. This does neither and give me great sun protection. I use this every day under my bare minerals foundation or alone. I feel that when I do use this product, I am left with a white film on my face. Maybe because the SPF is so high. That’s why I wouldn’t use this as a primer. And with any product with SPF when you take pictures you will get the dreaded mask face, where you can actually see the separation of your foundation and your skin, or a white, ashy cast. YUCK! I’ve been a victim of mask and ashy face and it’s not a good look. You look fine in real time but in pictures…..Awful. So I don’t typically wear foundations or primers with a high SPF unless it’s in the day and I do not use them on clients at all. I just stay away unless it’s just for normal, day wear.

The bottle is really small, though compact which makes it nice to travel with. I think it’s a bit high for the size but you only need a small amount to get coverage on your full face so you can stretch it and make it last. I’ve had mine for almost 2 months. I have no idea how much if left because the bottle is black! I don’t necessarily like the packaging because of that issue and because you can’t sit the bottle upright(you can but it wobbles).

I notice when I wear it, mid day my skin starts to feel and look a bit shiny but that’s pretty good for someone like me who gets oily after an hour of washing her face.  Even so my skin isn’t greasy or ridiculous.

SO If you’re looking for a great SPF, I would give this a try. Get a free sample from the MAC store to test it out or buy it and save your receipt in case it doesn’t work out.

Not greasy
Light formula
Absorbs fast into the skin
High SPF
Broad Spectrum SPF

Small bottle for the price ($30USD) and the cap takes up a nice chunk of the size





2 thoughts on “Mac Prep & Prime Face Protect SPF 50

    • I agree! I really wish the packaging was better because its a really great product! Win some, lose some. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts 🙂

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