Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub



First Opened

This is Ocean Salt from Lush Cosmetics. This is my go to face and body scrub. It’s a salt scrub(obviously) but it’s not super abrasive. I use this on every part of my body from head to toe and it leaves the skin so soft and smooth. I tend to like salt scrubs over sugar scrubs because sugar scrubs tend to be really greasy/oily and leaves a residue on the skin and in the tub, not so good when taking a shower. This leaves no residue. And I find with salt scrubs, they dissolve really quickly once in contact with water. This is pretty gentle on the face for a salt scrub if you mix the product well. When you first open the product you can see from the picture that the salt crystals sit on the top. You mix it together and you get a much creamier texture with good scrubbing action. Although it’s not super abrasive, you do need to use gentle motions. Don’t just scrub at your face or you could scratch your skin.


Ocean Salt Mixed Together



This works really well for acne prone and dull skin. I like to use this when I start getting break outs and when my skin starts looking dull and lifeless. This seems to bring back some life to my skin, leaving me with a bit of a glow. With the salt and the lime juice you get a really nice, natural exfoliation. The coconut and lime oils bring some balance to the skin as to not strip the skin of all it’s natural oils. So it’s not drying at all but you’re not oily either. AND the added bonus is the vodka infusion! 🙂 So it smells lovely…if you like the smell of a margarita(yes I know margarita is Tequila). However you won’t be walking around like an alcoholic but It really does have a pleasant scent, in my opinion. I don’t like that there are parabens in the product but at least they are last on the list. What are ya gonna do? I love this product!

I give this product an A. I would give it an A+ but I took off a point because it’s pretty pricy. They come in two sizes. Small and large. And they are recyclable. Bring back 5 pots and you get a free fresh face mask!


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