Mac Extented Play Lash


Mac’s mascaras are usually a hit or miss for me and most other beauty enthusiasts. I really liked the Zoom Lash even though it got mixed reviews. I’m on the fence with this mascara but I’m leaning more towards a miss. My likes about this mascara is the size of the wand. The wand is thinner and smaller than most mascara wands making this more controllable to apply the product. The wand gets to all the harder to reach hairs like the inner eyes and the lower lashes. I do feel like this mascara lengthens the lashes well and adds a bit of volume. I also like the size and the look of the packaging. It’s cute and attractive to me and not the basic black. I get so tired of seeing black tubes! I love color! That’s probably what drew me to this mascara.

Now on to my dislike, which is only really one but in essence this is the deal breaker for me. After about two or three hours of wear the mascara starts to flake and then I find myself pulling at my lashes and peeling away little clumps of dried product. That’s huge for me and drives me nuts! I don’t want to walk around with flakes of mascara falling into my eyes, then messing up my eye makeup trying to get it out!

I have found a use for this so I wouldn’t have to discard a brand new product but force myself to wear it and suffer the consequences of flaking mascara. I use this mascara for the bottom lashes only now. They add length and darken the lashes and It doesn’t flake as much or get into my eyes; maybe because there aren’t much hairs on the bottom lashes. Whatever it is, it works better this way. The size of the wand makes it more useful for the bottom lashes anyhow.



So my final grade for this one is C; I like the wand a lot and the lengthening aspects but the flaking is a deal breaker. So I won’t be buying this again when I’m out.


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