Jao Hand Refresher

Jao Hand Refresher

Jao Hand Refresher

Company Description: “Jao Hand Refresher™ has 65% Ethyl Alcohol (ours is from grapes) to kill germs safely with no Bacteriostats that weaken over time or grow resistant germs or are marine pollutants. We do not use Bezalkonium Chloride or Triclosan which are bad for humans and the environment. Combined with natural cosmetic moisturizers, Jao Hand Refresher™ will not dry out your hands. Plus we have all the goodies: Chamomile, Calendula, Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Geranium and Sage. This is why our boutique blend is more expensive and is the one and only not just for hands sanitizer.”

This hand sanitizer really is lovely, like a breath of clean air. Makeup artists need to keep their hands clean so we don’t contaminate our clients. Our hands are all in their face, after all. Hand sanitizers tend to be drying to the hands although they serve it’s purpose. When doing a makeup job I tend to clean my hands at least 4 times in one hour just to ensure I am sanitary. However that also means my hands can look like snake-skin at the end of a job because the sanitizers are very drying with all the alcohol.

I really do like this product because the alcohol content isn’t high but it’s still effective in killing germs and there are essential oils in it to keep the hands from drying out! When I used this product my hands didn’t dry out at all. I was really amazed! And the scent was very nice also; It’s very earthy and because of the essential oils it’s also very relaxing yet invigorating. When I first applied it I just kept smelling my hands! I also like that this can be used after a workout to freshen up a bit or if you were in a rush and forgot to put on deodorant in the morning. Of course it doesn’t replace a shower or deodorant but it’s really nice to keep this handy in case of emergency.

I really like his product and will be purchasing this product in the future! I can attest that this is the best sanitizer I’ve used. The brand is family owned and they only use natural ingredients! I Love family owned business who give quality products!
You can find this product here!


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