Butter London Slapper Nail Polish


Butter London is a 3 free company; free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP- all are known carcinogens. So its nice to know I’m not smelling carcinogenic crap when I open the bottle. And from what I’ve seen their colors are really vibrant and gorgeous!

This nail polish is a gorgeous teal color. I haven’t seen a shade like this but then again I am not a nail polish fanatic. I have my share but I don’t buy much nail polish. The finish is beautiful. After 1 coat the nail was really blotchy and uneven. After 2 coats on top of a base coat the finish was really nice. After adding the top coat the finish was excellent. I wash my hands a lot because of my job and I try to wear gloves when I wash dishes but I don’t all the time so I think this makes the polish fade and chip faster. The polish lasted about 4 days before it started to chip and peel. The polish lasted a fair amount of time on my fingernails considering how much I wash my hands a day. The polish lasted longer on my toes, a solid week and a half before I noticed chipping.
I don’t notice a strong smell, or any smell actually, when I open the bottle and as I’m painting my nails. This brand is slowly becoming my favorite brand for nail polish. The price, at $14 a pop, is pricy. I like to wait until Ulta has them on sale; buy 2 get 2 free. Or check Butter London directly for deals. I recommend this brand especially if you’re into nail polish and looking for a not so toxic brand.



4 thoughts on “Butter London Slapper Nail Polish

  1. I was just looking at this line at Ulta and I cheaped out! Had I known it was a good non-toxic polish I would have gotten it. Thanks for the great review 😉

    • Ha! It’s easy to cheap out on this. I mean, $14 for nail polish?! Its a splurge but worth it if you value your long term health…and want your nails to look good!

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