Shades of Fall- Mac Spice it Up! Lipstick

I wanted to do a series of lip and eye products that looks great for the seasons. However, I do believe that one should wear what they want, when they want. I’m a wear white after Labor Day kinda girl, myself.
Since It’s officially fall, here we go.

When I think of fall I think of earth tones like brown, olive, green, yellow, I also think of wine(color, not the drink LOL) and plums. Wine and berry shades are in this season(every fall actually) in particular, “ox blood” was seen on the runways for fall fashion shows. It’s basically a dark red/wine color. Ox blood just sounds gross to me but whatever.



This lipstick is Spice it Up! by Mac. It’s described as a brownish berry shade but it looks like a brownish red color on me.  It’s a luster finish so it gives a nice glossy finish. I am not wearing any gloss with this lipstick. Lusters are typically on the sheer side but this shade isn’t lacking color. Luster finishes are pretty creamy in texture and they feel good on the lips. I wore this shade for a good 4 hours before seeing fading. I like that this is not a super dark color and it’s not super sheer. It’s a really nice balance for fall lips.



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