Makeup Bag Essentials-Brow Gel

Eye brows are an important piece to your makeup routine. Ever seen someone with beautiful makeup; flawless face, gorgeous smokey eyes and a perfect lip? But when you look at the eye brows it just messes up the look. I’ve fallen vitctim to doing that myself and I’m sure I’m not the only one. But we live and learn. The eye brows  frame your eyes and your face.  Well groomed brows are important and add the finishing touches to your look. Brow gel is used to hold the brows in place after filling them in with a pencil or powder. Brow gel is perfect for those with unruly or stray brows. I know someone with curly brows and no matter how much I brush them into place they just curl back. Brow gel works perfect on her brows to shape them and hold that shape all day.

Your Brow gel shouldn’t make your brows flaky or make them hard and crunchy. A good brow gel has conditioning aspects like aloe vera, beeswax or essential oils to combat any alcohol in the product. After researching, I found that most brow gels on the market have some kind of alcohol content BUT the best brow gels are the ones where alcohol denat is not one of the first or second ingredients, which means that ingredient is the most potent. If water or gylcerin is the first ingredient that’s how I know it’s a good product. Your eye brows are hair so you should treat them just as good as the hair on your head and not use products with alcohol in them because it is drying.

My picks for Brow gels are Mac Brow Set and Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel. In Anastasia clear brow gel the top ingedient is Glycerin and no alcohol. They leave the brows smooth and the brows don’t become flaky. Mac Brow gel also gives a nice smooth finish. Their top ingredietns are water and beeswax. There is some  cetyl alcohol later down the chain of ingredients. It’s not that much but it’s there, however I don’t find them drying to my brows.

I especially love tinted brow gel because not only do they hold the brows in place all day but they also fill in the brows and give them a lovely tint of color. There’s no need to dye your brows if using tinted brow gel. If you’re like me and just don’t find it necessary to dye the brows or just want colored brows for a day or two, tinted brow gels are ideal. Tinted brow gel don’t add too much color to the brow like if you were to dye them but in my opinion it’s a nice substitute. Tinted Brow gels give a nice natural looking tint of color to the brows. I like using brow pencils but sometimes my brows come out too dark for my taste, unless I am going for strong, dark brows. There also aren’t a vast variety of tinted brow gel shades on the market but the basics are covered.

My Pick for tinted brow gels are Mac Brow Sets. I love the  colors! I used these more than my brow pencils.  Anastasia Beverly Hills brow tints were a little too light for my taste and they made my brows a bit stiff. Why? Because alcohol denat is the 3rd ingredient in the tinted brow gels.

My tip for tinted Brow Gels: I like to use a brow pencil lightly(I use Mac Spiked) to shape my brows, using light strokes I fill them in just a bit where there are gaps and then I use a lighter tinted brow gel (Mac Boy Girl)to fill them in to lighten my brows up. Using both with give a more defined brow. But Brow gels can definitely be used on their own.




Do you use brow gel? Tinted or clear? What’s your favorite?


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