Model of the Day- On the Set


Almost a month ago, I worked my first official music video shoot for the very talented, Soulful group B.O.S.S and it was an excellent opportunity to see what happens on set, to learn the process of keeping everyone looking sharp and beautiful throughout the day and to work with beautiful, amazing talents including Tammie Lee of TamiVision who is a brilliant makeup artist. She was the head makeup artist for the shoot and I learned a lot from her in the hours spent together. I helped and worked some magic on the backup singer. As soon as I saw her, I instantly thought Foxy Brown with her perfect afro and flawless skin. I love natural hair on ladies, I really wish I could rock it! I guess I’m just too lazy, because I really don’t have the patience. You would think natural hair would be easier to deal with! But I digress. I had so much fun working with the group and watching them perform. They really are very talented. Check out the work of B.O.S.S and Tammie Lee.






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