NYX Eye Shadow Base




NYX Eye Shadow Base 3


NYX Eye Shadow Base 3 &1

I thought I would do a semi review for, with some tips on how to use, NYX Eye Shadow Base.
NYX has 3 different eye shadow bases, white, pearl and skin tone. The purpose of this is to add intensity to your eye shadows. I really like the white shade to make my eye colors more bold and I like the skin tone shade for neutral, more subtle eye looks. Skin tone also works well with colorful shadows but in my opinion not as well as the white base. I do really like these bases because they are creamy and smooth and they blend really nicely on the lid.

Keep in mind, this eye shadow base is just that; a base. It is NOT a primer so its not waterproof, it does crease and it will melt off as the day goes if used alone as a primer, especially on oily lids. I wanted to test my theory because I see people using this as a primer with nothing underneath. You must, absolutely must, use a primer under this for it to last. For example, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Urban Decay Primer Potion, Mac Prep and Prime would be work great! It’s so important to use a primer under your eyeshadows, I can’t stress that enough, because primers really do make your eye makeup look smoother and last all day. Think of someone painting their room or a house; a painter would never apply the color before prepping first. Why? because it’s gonna chip away and come off at some point.

So what’s the point us using this if you still need to wear a primer? It just intensifies the color of your eyeshadows. Just like Paint Pots, Shade Sticks etc.
Below are some pictures of a look I did recently, I used the same exact products the only difference is in one look I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance to prime under the NYX White base and I definitely saw the difference. But you be the judge!
What do you think? Do you used the NYX base on its own with no problems?


Using Just NYX White Base


With Too Faced Shadow Insurance+NYX White Base


2 thoughts on “NYX Eye Shadow Base

    • Thank you! I have used a blue lip gloss. It’s not in your face but it looks like I have frost bite LOL. I like to wear it when I’m feeling edgy! Never tried green, though I’m intrigued. Thanks for stopping by!

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