May Favorites


Here are some of my favorite things from last month. Is it me or did May go by in a blur? Time to say goodbye to a successful month of accomplishments and fun and time to bring in a new month! I’m so happy Summer is here which means lots of bright colors and fun beach days ahead. 

Do Tell, What were some of your favorites for May?

My Favorites:

LipstickMac Sail La Vie: Gorgeous shade for summer. Suits everyone beautifully and very wearable I think.

LipglossMac Riviera Life: Perfect Orange gloss for the season, not super bright but very pigmented for a gloss. I wore this almost everyday from the day I bought this.

Eye ShadowMac Jaunty: A great everyday shade that could be worn in lots of different ways.

Night Serum– Skin Authority Resurfacing  Accelerator: Skin Authority is a new brand I got to try out and I am really liking them so far. Definitely loving this particular product, which purpose is to lighten skin discoloration. Review coming very soon!

Blush– Nars Exhibit A: Bright but when used lightly, gives a gorgeous flush of color. Perfect for my darker skin beauties.

Favorite New Eating Spot– Thyme Cafe in Santa Monica, CA. My intention is to try at least two new restaurants a month so I can get out the habit of going to the same places and ordering the same foods. When I find a spot I love I find it really hard to try something new.

Weekend Activity– I got the opportunity to work with a talented photographer this month to create some beautiful faces for some beautiful shots. Orville of Yogi-ni Photos. Check out his work! Very talented!

Accomplishments– Working on another theater production at El Camino College and doing body and face painting free hand. Never thought of myself as a painter, or a face and body painter, and never really had interest in it until doing so. Never underestimate your abilities!

Movie– The Avengers: For the comic geek inside of me, really great movie. I laughed, I teared a bit and best of all got to see lots of hotness in this movie…Chris Evans…HELLO!! Great movie!


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