Mac Riviera Life Lipglass


Mac Hey Sailor Riviera Life Lipglass

Product: Described as a bright tangerine color, with some gold shimmer to it, I was (pleasantly) surprised by this gloss. It’s much more pigmented and bright than I expected it to be. It really is a GORGEOUS color, perfect for summer. It’s perfect on it’s own to brighten up any look for it adds a bit of warmth and brightness to the face. It also looks great when layered on top of a warm toned lipstick or lipliner such as a red, brown, bronze or nude. This is a gorgeous color for warm, medium to darker skin tones. I also think this would look nice on fair skin tones, it would warm up the skin nicely especially when adding a bit of bronzer or a complimentary blush. I thought this would look like Nars Wonder Lipgloss but this one is a lot more pigmented and brighter with more apparent shimmer. Wonder is more subtle, just adding a nice tint of orange color that adds to your natural lip color. Riviera Life packs a nice punch of color. The formula is no different from other Mac glosses, it’s thick, sticky and shimmery with a vanilla scent. I actually wore this color a little longer than usual Mac glosses, probably because it is brighter. I wore this for about 5 or 6 hours before it started feeling dry and goopy on my lips. I absolutely love this color!

Packaging: I like the packaging for this collection. It’s very “nautical” and they stand out from the usual packaging which is always nice.

Price: $15.50 for the Hey Sailor glosses because of the special packaging. I think this is so worth the price.

Final Grade A

Product 4/5

Packaging 4/5

Price 4/5




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