Mac Nautical Navy Eyeshadow


Mac Nautical Navy



The last couple days I wore Mac’s Nautical Navy eyeshadow from the Hey Sailor Summer collection. So here is a review and some pictures. By the way, I was on the site and its already up. I’m not sure if it hit stores yet.

Product: The eyeshadow is a dark blue with some blue and silver sparkle in a satin finish. When applied, this eyeshadow just didn’t give me the umph I was looking for. It looks brighter in the pot than it does applied. I got a lot of compliments but to me this color falls a little flat. I think this eyeshadow is a little hard to work with also. The eyeshadow isn’t as smooth as I’d like it to be and I think I’m pretty easy to please. I don’t think it’s chalky or super dry but it’s not really easy to blend or get an even finish with. When I applied this I had issues getting it all over my lid and I had to keep building it up. Using a sweeping motion causes the color to move around a lot more (even with a primer) leaving the lid a bit blotchy. Patting the color on I got a little better coverage but still noticed the color wasn’t evenly distributed. In my opinion this eyeshadow was a little more work than I like when doing eye makeup and on top of that, the color is really dark and this doesn’t speak summer to me. The more I used this and looked at this I couldn’t help but think “I have this color somewhere in my stash.” I’m disappointed in this eyeshadow because the texture is below average. You really need to build this color up because it just lacks pigmentation.

Packaging: I really like the packaging with this collection, although it is a clean and simple design. It stands out from the usual black pots.

Price: $16 for these eyeshadsows. You’re paying a dollar more for the packaging. I usually don’t mind paying extra for the packaging but then again I usually really like the colors.

Final Grade C

Product 2/5

Packaging 4/5

Price 3/5

*I used a neutral base under this eyeshadow so I wouldn’t change the true color. I just have a highlight at the inner corner and blended out at the crease.


Wearing Nautical Navy Eyeshadow(with a lighter/champange color at the inner lid)




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