Mac Feeling Fresh Eyeshadow


Mac Hey Sailor Feeling Fresh Eyeshadow


Product: Feeling Fresh is described as a bright green. It is a bright grassy green with green and silver shimmer. It is a frost finish so it’s really shimmery. There’s more glitter here than shimmer or sheen so I did have some fall out issues when applied and throughout the day. Feeling Fresh is a lot easier to work with than Nautical Navy, probably because it’s a frost finish. This shade looks more like summer to me. It is bright, fun and goes with other colors such as bronze, brown, gold and yellow. Feeling Fresh gave a smooth and even finish when applied to the lid and it’s smooth enough to use as a liner on the lower lash line. Its a fun shade to own. I thought this was similar to Kush (Urban Decay loves Nyc)or Absinthe (Urban Decay book of shadows 1) but Feeling Fresh is brighter and less frostier. You can apply this shadow on top of a colored base like a green, a teal or even a turquoise make this more brighter, pigmented and fun summer time look. My only issue with this one is the glitter fallout. I’m not really a fan of glitter because it always seems to get in my eyes no matter the precautions I take! Throughout the day more glitter seemed to drop in my eyes but otherwise I like this shade.

Packaging: I like the Hey Sailor Packaging! Cute, simple and sets them apart from the other black pots.

Price: $16 for Hey Sailor Eyeshadows. I think this particular shade is more worth the price.

Final Grade B+

Product 3/5

Packaging 4/5

Price 4/5


Wearing Feeling Fresh with a neutral base and a highlight at the inner lid



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