Mac Blessedly Rich Lipglass


Mac Blessedly Rich Lipglass

Product: Blessedly Rich is described as a pale coral color. There is definitely some pink shimmer in there but on my lips it looks a bit more bronzy. It’s a really pretty color and I think those of every skin color can wear this nicely. It’s very subtle but at the same time giving the lips a nice sparkle, especially in the sunlight. The color can really be seen in light. I think this compliments a dark, smokey eye very nicely because the color isn’t overpowering or bright. This is the usual Mac Lipglass formula in that it is a bit thick and sticky with a vanilla scent. I can wear this for about 4 hours straight if I don’t eat or drink anything before it starts to feel really gooppy on my lips. I really like this color because it looks great on it’s own and it looks good when layered on top of a lipstick like a red, a pink or even a brown. It’s a great universal shade, I think this gloss is pretty original because I don’t have anything like this in my stash.

Packaging: The Nautical packaging is cute to me even though it’s a bit simple and there’s no bright colors or designs.

Price: $15.50 for these glosses because of the packaging.

Final Grade: A-

Product 4/5

Packaging 4/5

Price 4/5


Blessedly Rich Lipglass



Wearing Mac Nautical Navy on eyes


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