Mac Hey Sailor Unveiling Party


Last night I went to the launch party for the new Summer collection, Hey Sailor! I had such a great time! As usual, there was entertainment, cocktails, finger foods and makeovers. The launch party gives a preview of the summer collection before it’s made public. THIS COLLECTION HITS STORES IN THE U.S. MAY 24, 2012. This is my third summer launch party and they are great!

I must say I wasn’t really excited about this launch because it just looked kind of boring to me, when compared to the last two summer collections from Mac. The packaging is cute but the colors just seemed a bit blah to me. The shades lack the bright colors associated with summer. AND I was a bit annoyed because Mac already released a nautical collection in the past(Naughty Nautical) though it wasn’t a summer collection. But I digress. For me the big hits were the eyeshadows and the lip glosses. I usually go crazy over the powder blushes and highlight powders for summer but this year they were lacking creativity and that wow factor. They just didn’t stand out to me. To each their own!

I didn’t get product pictures of the bronzers, bronzing oils and lip tints. Sorry. I got a little overwhelmed and honestly I didn’t have much interest in these!

I think the eyeshadows, lipsticks and lipglosses will be big hits this year. I’m so sad about the blushes!

Anyhow, here are pictures! I will test my goodies out and do looks and show more individual pictures in upcoming posts!

What do you think? Are you buying anyting or are you passing?

Mac Hey Sailor Summer Collection

Bronzing Powders, Bronzing Oils, Lip Tints


Mac Feeling Fresh

Mac Jaunty Eyeshadow

Mac Crystal Avalanche

Mac Barefoot Eyeshadow

L-R Nautical Navy, Barefoot, Jaunty, Crystal Avalanche, Feeling Fresh

L-R Nautical Navy, Barefoot, Jaunty, Crystal Avalanche, Feeling Fresh

Crystal Avalanche is a permanent shade(I really do hate when Mac throws in permanent shades with new shades). This color is a frosty white color which some bluish duochrome.
Barefoot is a gold color. I liked it but I didn’t LOVE it. When I really thought about it, this is easily dupable. It’s an exact match to Mac Old Gold Pigment which is a permanent Mac Pigment AND is being sold with this collection.
Jaunty is a nice, frosty Taupe color. A great lid color. I really liked this shade. This eyeshadow was really smooth too. I think this was one of my favorites, if not thee favorite for me.
Feeling Fresh is a bright shimmery green. This shade really jumped at me because its so bright and the texture is really smooth! At first glance I though this shade is similar to Urban Decay Absinthe from book of shadows 1, or Kush From Urban Decay loves NYC palette, but I think Feeling Fresh is a bit brighter and a little more pigmented.
Nautical Navy is a satin navy blue with some shimmer to it. It felt kind of matte when I was swatching it but it didn’t feel dry. It also wasn’t buttery smooth like Jaunty and Feeling Fresh either.

PowerPoint Eye Pencils:

Emerald Sea, Blue Stripe, Handforged

Handforged is a gold bronze color. It’s not too bronzy which I think is good because its good to add a nice golden bronze to any look. However, this is easily dupable I think. Nothing too special with this pencil.
Emerald Sea is a grassy green color. Nothing really special with this one either. I imagine this would look nice when worn but this shade falls flat to me. This color was really light and as I wore it it seemed to fade faster than the others.
Blue Stripe is a navy blue color that looks like it came give off hints of purple in different lighting. It’s really pretty and it didnt fade as easily as Emerald Sea.
*All three pencils are really smooth and soft, making it perfect for the waterline since they don’t tug and they apply really easy. They smudge and blend out really nicely also!


L-R Red Racer, Sail La Vie, To Catch a Sailor

Mac Salute Lipstick

Salute is a pale peachy nude color. It was really creamy and not drying. If layered right this could be a nice nude color but for me it’s too much work. I mostly like to put on my lipstick and go!
Sail La Vie is a reddish orange color. I immediately thought this looked like my Lady Danger Lipstick but once I wore it I realized this color has more orange and a hint of coral to it. Lady Danger is more red.
Red Racer is a just your basic red with a satain finish. This has been done before. It’s pretty and really creamy but…it’s been done so many times!
To Catch a Sailor is a icy, frosted tan color


L- R Send Me Sailing, Orange Tempera, Cute Loose, Blessedly Rich

Cut Loose is a milky white color.

Orange Tempera is definitely not an organge so the name is very misleading! This shade is a pink color. It looks pretty pale on me on it’s own but I really liked this layered on top of a lipstick, like a red or an orange.
Riviera Life is an orange gloss. It’s not pictured here but I will review that and use it in a look soon!
Blessedly Rich is a light, pinky bronze shade. I think this would look good on everyone. Very pretty.
Send Me Sailing is a red color with some shimmer. I think this is easily dupable.

Prolongwear Lip Pencils:

L-R Shore Leave, Saunter, Throw Me a Line

Throw Me a Line is a red color.
Shore Leave is a light pink color
Saunter is a  light beige color.

All three pencils are really smooth and they really do last all day. It took a lot of elbow grease to get the swatches off. I scrubbed at these like crazy for them to come off.

Highlight Powder:

Mac Crew High Light Powder

Crew comes together to make like a peachy gold highlighter. There are colors that are separated but it looks like it would be kind of hard to use a shade individually. The powder is really smooth, so smooth I feel like “fragile” should be written all over this. When first applied it comes off a bit ashy and pale on my skin but I guess once it sets on your skin by the natural oils, it tones down to a nice subtle glow. The more I wore it around, the more I liked it. However I didn’t love this highlight powder. It looked pretty once set but I didn’t feel like “OMG, I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!” I just couldn’t justify buying this!

Powder Blush:

Mac Fleet Fast Powder Blush

Mac Launch Away! Powder Blush

Mac Fleet Fast

Mac Launch Away

Launch Away! is a pale pink color. This would look great on lighter skin tones. It looked really ashy on me.
Fleet Fast is a nice coral color with a bit of of golden sheen. This would show up on medium skin tones to light dark skintones and on darker skintones it could possibly be used as a highthighter. This is definitely one that needs to be tested before buying for those with darker skin. For Reference I am a NC 45 in Mac, 173 in Makeup Forever. Again I liked this and its pretty but I didn’t love this. I feel like I have seen this color before so I passed.


I’m Wearing both Crew Highlight powder and Fleet Fast Powder Blush


Wearing Crew Highlight powder and Fleet Fast Powder blush


2 thoughts on “Mac Hey Sailor Unveiling Party

  1. Yeah – this collection just didn’t excite me either. Major bummer – great name for the collection, but just seems kind of boring and unspectacular. Thanks for the info – reinforces my decision to pass on running out and reserving my products with my favorite MAC artist (she’ll be disappointed)!

    • Yeah definitely no rush with this one! I think Mac puts out way too much stuff that the creativity is suffering. But I guess as long as people buy it, it doesn’t matter.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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