Lush Grease Lightning



Company Description: “We’re often too upset over their blemishes to stop and consider what they are; a clogged pore that has become inflamed because of built up bacteria. Let’s take a deep breath together. There you go. Now apply Grease Lightning, our super effective, spot-zapping face gel. The antibacterial combination of thyme, tea tree and rosemary infusion dries invisibly as it goes to work shrinking your mini volcanoes. Our herbal infusion conditions the skin, while grape juice cleanses and keeps spots free of dirt. See? Not so scary after all.”

Product: This is an oil free gel that’s intended to be a spot treatment for pimples. It is for oily skin beauties but I can’t see why dry skin lovelies can’t use this as well. The aloe vera has moisturizing effects and when I use this my skin isn’t completely dried out. The sales associates at Lush rave about this all the time and they swear by it. I don’t actually swear by this as a spot treatment. I think it helps with time, like most skin care products but I don’t think it’s a miracle healer. I had a horrendous, painful pimple on my chin last week and I put this on for a few days. This didn’t make it go away any faster but it did soothe the pain a bit. I think because of the tea tree. So it’s definitely more soothing than it is a zit zapper in my opinion. I have better spot treatments to make the pimple go away faster BUT one thing I’ve noticed and love about this product is that is helps fade the scars that acne can leave behind with the help of aloe vera, witch hazel and grape juice (which is high in vitamin C which is a natural exfoliator). Whether you pick at it or not, the aftermath of a pimple is usually discoloration where the pimple was and if I do get the urge and start squeezing and picking I put this on and it heals it. It is not a fade gel whatsoever but I don’t notice a super dark mark when I use this. I don’t notice this working on older scars but it might. I just know this does help with fresh scarring.  I also like this under my Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask. I put this all over my face first then apply my mask. Cosmetic Warrior alone is infused with tea tree to help get rid of acne and this adds extra boost, so I do see a bit of a difference in that my skin is more calm and the breakouts dry up a bit faster.

Packaging: Housed in a small and compact bottle this stores really well in the cabinet, drawer or shelf. It is very travel friendly and I haven’t had a problem with spillage.

Price: $12.95 for 1.5oz. This is my second bottle. The first lasted well over a year but of course the longer the product is sitting around the less effective it can be. I think this is a reasonable price considering you don’t use much with application.

Final Grade: A

Product 4/5

Packaging 5/5

Price 5/5


2 thoughts on “Lush Grease Lightning

  1. Hey Lady D, for some reason I just stumbled on your blog… can I just say your skin is ahmayzinggg! I have oily skin too, not so much of an acne problem just the occasional zits but the bane of my existence is the scarring it leaves. I was going to order The Regimen off but been scared for some reason..i don’t have a serious acne problem.
    I love your skin and I will def try some of the products you used to achieve this great skin. I hope it works for me. and oh, please write more. You’re awesome.

    • Thank you so much Kasey! I see it’s been a while since I’ve seen this; how is your skin care regime coming? Oily skin can be a nightmare but less wrinkles 😉

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