Quick Look of the Day

Today I woke up to a beautiful Spring day in LA. The last couple days have been cloudly, windy, dreary, rainy and bipolar with sun coming out here and there, slightly warming things up and then going back in to cool things off.
So to celebrate a lovely day in LA I thought I’d do another colorful but subtle look. The colored liner is the main focus here! Love these guys, Makeup Forever Aqua Liners!! Review is coming very soon!! I am anticipating Mac’s new Spring collection, Hey Sailor, so again I used my Surf Baby Eyeshadows from last year. It’s nothing special or detailed because I only had about 15 minites of extra time to do eye makeup today. I usually don’t wear eye makeup to work because I just don’t have enough time. Sleep is more important! LOL 🙂

Anyway, Hope you like it!

UD Primer Potion
Mac Beach Blonde eyeshadow
Mac Surf USA eyeshadow
Mac Saffron eyeshadow
Makeup Forever Aqua Liner(liquid liner) #4
Mac Undercurrent PowerPoint eye pencil
Nars Giza lipgloss
Bare Minerals Foundation





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