Nars Wonder Lip Gloss


Nars Wonder Lip Gloss


Wonder In Natural Light

Company Description: “Serious shine and sexy color in sheer, semi-sheer and creamy formulas. Extremely wearable and versatile shades may be worn alone or over other lip formulas for added dimension. The portable tube and sponge wand make applying these beautiful glosses, in an array of shades, a snap.”

Product: This gloss is a sheer mandarin orange color with some golden shimmer. It looks great on all skin tones and it’s perfect for spring, summer and if you follow trends since orange lips are the trend this season. The color is really sheer, like most Lip Glosses by Nars, but it adds a nice tint of orange to the lips. It’s subtle so if you are not sure about wearing orange lip colors I think this would be a good starter product. Of course you can make it more bold by adding a liner or lipstick similar in color. The formula is really smooth and light. I love that Nars glosses are not sticky or thick even though I am not a fan of the scent, but I have learned to tolerate the smell some. I can wear this for about 5 hours without eating or drinking before the color is gone. 

Packaging: Plastic tube with a doe foot sponge, easy storage and travel friendly.


With Flash

Price: $24 for 0.28oz of product. If you’ve read my past Nars reviews you know I think Nars is a great brand but definitely over hyped and a bit over priced. It is considered a luxury brand so you’re gonna pay for luxury. If you’re a makeup addict you will love the brand and won’t be disappointed however if you’re just starting your makeup obsession, there are lots of cheaper alternatives that are just as good. I’m usually on the fence about the price of Nars products which is why I usually buy them when I have discount codes 😉


In Natural Light

Final Grade: A

Product 4/5

Packaging 5/5

Price 3/5

So, are you with the orange lip trend or can you do without it?


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