Mac Extra Dimension Mineralize Skinfinish- Glorify and Superb


Extra Dimension MSF Superb(L) Glorify(R)

Company Description: “A liquid-powder highlighter with prismatic reflections that sculpts, highlights and models the face. The cool, creamy near-fluid formula creates a luminous, well-defined finish. Wears 10 hours.”

Product: I feel these Mineralize Skinfinishes are different from the regular formula. The regular formula is smooth with great pigmentation but these are light and silky smooth with great pigmentation. They definitely give the face a luminous glow. They are creamy like butter but I don’t see how these are described as ‘liquid powder’. They are not like the magically cool powders. Anyhow, I feel you don’t have to build these up too much, unless you want to of course. They blend beautifully on the skin and the finish gives a nice metallic sheen, something the past MSF’s didn’t have. I noticed some glitter with Superb that I didn’t notice with Glorify, but Superb isn’t super glittery(yay). You still get a nice sheen with Superb. It doesn’t seem to accentuate the pores like some of Mac’s MSF’s and they smooth onto the skin. I can’t confirm nor deny if this lasts for 10 hours but I wore this for about 5 hours and the highlight didn’t appear to fade much. I love the new design of these and how they stamp MAC in the product. It’s different from the past MSF’s. Makes it more pretty.

Mac Superb MSF


Mac Glorify MSF

Superb is a shimmery peachy nude color. It looks very natural on the skin and it’s pretty subtle. It’s easy to add too much because you think it’s not showing up but it’s definitely there, especially when the sun hits you. It’s not too cool or too warm so I think this will look lovely on every skin color. Great color to highlight the cheeks, eyes or any other part of the body you care to attract light.

Glorify is a shimmery copper color. I really liked this one because it could be used as a highlight or a blush/bronzer BUT I hesitated a bit about buying it because it is almost dead on to Mac’s Amber Lights eyeshadow (about 90% similar) and I was thinking of just using that as a highlight/blush. I’m really trying not to buy so much makeup for personal use But because I have issues I just couldn’t resist this. So if you missed this definitely try Amber Lights! It’s just the texture that’s different and Amber lights has a bit more gold to it.

Packaging: These come in the usual round black cases with clear top but I feel like these are smaller than the past MSF’s. They store well and are travel friendly although I would travel with these with care because I did crack the top of one of my cases before. Luckily the product didn’t crack.

Price: I think the prices have gone up from $28 to $29 for less product, which irritates me. I love Mac but come on! Other MSF’s I have gave 10g of product but these give 9g. I mean I’ll probably never use all of the product but don’t go up on the price. If you’re going to give less product at least keep it at the same price! Just my little rant.


Wearing Superb MSF


Wearing Superb MSF


Mac Glorify MSF


Mac Glorify MSF

Final Grade: A-

Product 5/5

Packaging 4/5

Price 3/5

I’m sad that these sold out so quickly. People were not playing. They literally sold out at Mac Stores in one day. I had to go to Macy’s. So if you can find them at department stores, they are worth the splurge.
Has anyone gotten any of these and how did you like them?


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