Korres Yogurt Cream Moisturizer


Company Description:

“This ultra-soothing cream contains full-fat, Greek Yogurt – a natural source of lactose, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, to provide instant hydration to dry skin. The cream also contains vitamin E, olive oil concentrate, and macadamia nuts for antioxidant protection. Can be used everyday on all types of dehydrated skin, even oily.”

Product: Korres Yogurt Cream Moisturizer is oil free and extremely light. It feels really good on the skin and it absorbs instantly. It is water based so there is no oily film or residue left on my face that I tend to get from most moisturizers, even the ‘oil free’ ones. I love using this at night to rehydrate my skin during the winter months or if my Fresh Famacy from Lush has dried me out. This is perfect for me after a mask or after a peel because it feels really soothing. It’s also perfect as a day moisturizer for oily skin because it is light but there is no SPF in this. I need SPF so I don’t reach for this during the day unless I’m stuck inside all day. But if your day foundation has a high SPF content (20 or higher) in it this is really good or you can mix some oil free SPF (specific for the face) into this product.

Packaging: Housed in a glass jar this is compact and stores really well making it fit for travel. The top screws on tightly so there’s no chance of spill and the glass is thick so it shouldn’t break.

Price: $32 for 1.35oz of product is pretty pricey for a moisturizer but keep in mind that is product has natural ingredients in it unlike the cheaper drugstore brands. If you’ve been searching high and low for a good moisturizer that is really oil free and won’t break you out like I have then it’s definitely worth it. Also keep in mind that not everything works the same on everyone so I would recommend going to Sephora and getting some samples of this.

Available at Sephora stores & online

Final Grade: A+

Product: 5/5




6 thoughts on “Korres Yogurt Cream Moisturizer

    • Oh man! Sorry you didn’t like the smell! I don’t love the smell but It doesn’t bother me. I mostly love that it doesn’t break me out. it seems like everything breaks me out! 😦
      Do you have a go to facial moisturizer?

      • I don’t know why but the smell reminds me of glue lol.
        My favorite of all time is Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel, but it’s too expensive for me… When my skin is acting up, I use La-Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra 🙂

      • I actually tried that brand and it broke me out. Perfect case of what works for one, not working for another. This is why I get samples before buying.
        Thanks for sharing!

    • I would not recommend this for dry skin. Combo yes but not dry. But They do have a line for mature skin and dry skin. Check it out. And Get samples!!

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