Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation- Cedar


Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation in Cedar


Company Description:

Perfect for combination skin with a tendency to shine, this oil-free formula delivers a soft, natural matte finish with maximum staying power. Medium coverage looks impeccable and shine-free for up to 12 hours.

Product: Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation is magical. I feel like it transforms the entire face. When I got a sample of this from the counter I instantly fell in love with this; this rarely happens. The foundation covers beautifully and it’s a great match for me. This is absolutely perfect for oily skin. It gives medium coverage but you can spray your brush or sponge with water to spread and sheer the product out more. It has SPF 15 in it but if you’re wearing this during the day and burn easy I would put a primer or moisturizer with SPF under the foundation. The product is light and blends well into the skin leaving a flawless face. This really is a luxury product. Compared to other brands this is the best foundation I have tried and I’ve tried a lot of different foundations! I only use this for special occasions like going out to a party, out on a date or anywhere I want to look and feel flawless. This is a fabulous special occasion foundation.

Though not waterproof this does last a long time on my oily skin. I can’t vouch for the ‘shine free up to 12 hours’ claim but I can wear this for at least 8 hours and it won’t fade much. It fades a bit and I may need to blot oil from my skin a couple times throughout wear time but I can see a difference when compared to my other foundations. If I happen to rub my face the product isn’t all over my hands but it can transfer from the face to your clothes though. Most importantly when I wear Laura Mercier primer under this, my skin does not break out and I’m not super oily mid wear!

Packaging: The bottle has a pump for controlled dispensing of the product. The bottle is made of a heavy glass making it difficult to break and this is spill proof making it travel friendly. I only wish you could open the bottle to get every bit of product out.

Price: For $54 for 1oz of product this is definitely expensive and a big splurge. It’s a luxury brand. But you don’t need a lot of product, usually one pump will cover my entire face. At the most 1 1/2 pumps and if you only wear this for special occasions or special outings this will last you well over a year. So I would say go to the Chanel Counter and get a sample. I love this!

Final Grade: A+

Product: 5/5

Packaging: 5/5

Price: 4/5


4 thoughts on “Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation- Cedar

  1. Hi you can get the bottle open you just have to use pliers and turn the plastic dispenser counterclockwise to open it. You will have to break two internal tabs as you turn but the cap will screw back on just fine.

  2. OMG!!! I’ve been using the makeup for years and never could get the cap off. I tried your recommendation and it worked so easily! Thank you for helping me not waste!!!

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