Inglot Sleeks Platinum Lip Paint #83


So there’s not that much of a difference between this Sleeks gloss and the previous Sleeks gloss reviewed here. The only thing that is different from the regular Sleeks is that Sleeks platinum has a metallic pearl finish to it. Otherwise the formula is pretty much the same. The texture is creamy and smooth, non sticky and not thick with a delicious scent that makes me crave strawberries! This feels pretty soft on the lips and it added a bit of moisture but I felt the moisture faded after a while, I’d say about after an hour, however it’s not drying.

Sleeks Platinum #83 is a peachy coral color with a metallic pearl finish. This one looks more like a gloss to me, leaving a glossy finish on the lips. The coverage is even but the color is pretty sheer. It looks beautiful in the tube and when swatched. On the lips it looks really pretty at first and the color is really apparent but the color faded pretty quickly, I’d say roughly about 2 hours, and I was left with a metallic pearl sheen. I didn’t really care for the metallic sheen. I’d much rather have the color. This is a gloss that you need to keep reapplying throughout the day to keep the color strong.

The wear time of this product was not as long as the regular Sleeks gloss. After about 4 hours of wear the color and the metallic pearl was completely gone. The color was was gone after about 2 hours leaving behind the metallic sheen.

Sleeks Platinum #83 is a pretty unique color because of the metallic finish. I don’t see many (if any) glosses with a metallic sheen to it. I usually see glitter or shimmer. It’s different but I didn’t care too much for this product. When I wear gloss or any lip color, I don’t want to keep reapplying the color to keep it looking fresh. I like the initial color but I don’t like how fast the color fades and the left over metallic sheen makes me look like I’m craving crack! It comes off as ashy on the lips. I think this will suit my lighter skin beauties more than darker skin tones. This might even look good on olive or medium skin ladies but definitely not recommended for my darker skin beauties(NC45 and up).

Quick Review

Product: 3/5-The texture is really smooth and creamy, the formula is not sticky or thick and I love the scent. The color is really pretty however I am not a fan of the metallic finish, which brought my rating down. On the lips I feel like this overpowers the color a bit and the color fades a too fast for my taste.

Packaging: 5/5- The tube is different and it’s really compact. The long application wand makes for easy control when applying the color.

Price: 4/5- Relatively small amount of product when compared to other brands but the price is not as expensive as other brands.

I really like the regular Sleeks gloss, not so much the Platinum gloss 😦  I really wanted to like this!


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